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Bug Tracker - iCal doesn't have same hours as the event
Submited By:» DynV
Open Date:2014-07-28 17:46:09
Summary:iCal doesn't have same hours as the event
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Description:I imported in Thunderbird (TB) the iCal from http://www.rave.ca/en/event/47741/ and the date was right but the time was 6-11 instead of 10-3, so 4 hrs early.

I rely very much on TB calendar (Lightning) and importing iCals save me some time to add to it.
Assigned To:» Nuclear
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» DynV dicho @ Fri Oct 17, 2014 @ 2:23am
Also please include part of the event description in the calendar export description. The most important for the following is a URL to the event itself. TB has an Attachments section for URLs, which allow them to be clicked instead of copy-pasting the URL from the text of the description, but perhaps that feature (Attachments or whatever name for their equivalents in other calendar software/add-on) is only for TB ; just to be safe if the feature is iCal based (instead for just TB), perhaps have the URLs in--both--it and the description (at the bottom).