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Bands - Bald Vulture
Bald Vulture
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Labels:D.I.Y. (Indie)
Contact:» anima [ROOT]
Description:Punk-Kore Band Native To Montreal City, Starting In 1996

5 Albums, Distribute By "Hardel Muzik" All Canada:
I st - PunkCore From Hell (1997)
II nd - Life Is All About... (2oOo)
III rd - Third (2oo1)
IV th - Short Antology Of Human Decadance (2oo2)
V th - Eponyme (2oo5)
+ Around 50 Local And Internationnal Compilations

More Than 500 Gigs In Their Career
Shows,Tours And Big Festivals: "Vans Warped Tour" 4 Time (1998 (Main Stage, Mtl.)-2oo0 (Ernie Ball Stadge, Mtl.)-2oo2 (Head Liner On Volcom Stage, Mtl.)-2oo4 (Ernie Ball Stadge, Quebec City), The Snow Jam, Sunny Mead, Relevenment, Resident Of The April Jam Show,
Air Tour, Skate Fest, Playing In The Fisrt Part Of The Last B.A.R.F. Show (R.i.p.), An Ontario Tour (Windsor, Toronto, Kingston & Ottawa)
Somes Shows For A Beneficial Cause, And Many More Events...
They Was Winning The 1st Place Of Musical Band Competition "La Relève Rock Black Label '97"

Put Their Feets On The Stadge Of: Metro Polis, Spetrum, Medley, Club Soda, Café Campus, L'X (R.i.p.), Sk8 Park Orkus, Saphir, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Maquizard (Trois-Rivières), The 360 (Toronto), l'Anti (Québec), Place d'Youville, Québec Colisium And Capitol, A Lot Of Arena, Communatuary Hall, Kidz House, Basement Church, Outside Site, Sk8 Park, etc...

Shared The Scene With:
Anti-Flag, Trigger Happy, Good Riddance, Sick Of It All, Pride Bowl (R.i.p), Runamuck, Miscounduct, Face To Face, Gob, Jughead's Revenge, Craig's Brother, Blink 182, Randy, Ten Foot Pole, Pulley, Big Wig, Nobodys, Mxpx, 88 Fingers Louie (R.i.p.), Bouncing Soul, Snap Case, Straight Face, 30 Foot Fall, Unruled, Raised Fist, Ensing, Guy Smiley, Satanic Surfers, No Use For Name, Strung Out, Voodoo Gloo Skull, Tagada Jones, Rancid, Nofx, Bad Religion ...
And The Most Of Local Band Of Their Country (Reset, Simple Plan, B.A.R.F. (R.i.p.), Overbass, Anonymus, l'Académie Du Massacre, Mononc Serge, Grim Skunk, Groovy Aadwark (R.i.p.) . . . . . . . . . )

Articles And Interview:
Le Voir, Le Mirror, Exclaim, At Local Radio Station And On TV At Music Plus (123 Punk With Rejeant Laplanche) For Their First Video Launching; "Enough Is Enough"

Sponserised By Orbite Sport (Skate Shop), Who Has Participed At Many Of Their Project And Events Since The Beginning

Band Member:
Lead Guitar/Peet
Rythme Guitar/Jeez
Back Vocal/Peet, Big, Jeez

Sounds Like:
A Blend Of Punk Rawk, Hard Core, Metal & Old Punk
Fast Music Mixed With Rare But Effective Breakdowns
And Some Surprisingly Ethnic Beats
With A Little Subtle Experimental Touch
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Adèptes De l'Ombre by Bald Vulture a.k.a » animaPunk
3:24 @ 128kbps
3,258,537 bytes
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Cyborg by Bald Vulture a.k.a » animaPunk
3:25 @ 128kbps
3,284,451 bytes
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] The Light At The End... by Bald Vulture a.k.a » anima
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is Probably Just A Train...
2:45 @ 128kbps
2,647,481 bytes
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Tous Kagoulés by Bald Vulture a.k.a » animaPunk
2:30 @ 128kbps
2,401,721 bytes
Events [ 3 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2006-01-14     1    Reset
2004-08-12     8    VansWarpedTour @ Quebec
2004-04-16     2    Tagada Jones with Bald Vultures and Guests
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