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2007 May:
[ ]Colors and Music and Happy People
2007 April:
[ ]Spewing Misery
[ ]Polly Wants a Cracker
2006 August:
[ ]The Darkness
Title:Colors and Music and Happy People
Posted On:2007-05-29 00:57:10
Posted By:» pussyvamp
To the land of the PLUR we go. Skippy dee doOoOoo..

the place where the rainbow is always brighter. People

dress in pretty colors and dance under the lights and

everyone is happy.

...but no one notices that bad-tripper in the corner. All

alone, by himself, he sits around and watches the happy people

dance. He watches, and envies, and he sits all alone. No one has

brought him into the happy circle. No one has welcomed him.

No one has even noticed he exsists. So he sitst there and watches

them as they dance and drink and be merry.

...the happy people cheer as the d.j. turns up the bass.

Oh my, what a feeling of joy and ecstasy. The music plays on,

and the room gets a feeling of total connection. Everyone in

the room is as one. But wait...

...what's this? Someone in the room is not connected.

The absence of someone's presence becomes suddenly so

clear. The crowd looks around for this missing soul. And then

they see him. He's sitting over there, on a lonely little corner

of the couch. Sitting there are alone. Sitting and watching them,

with no sign of amusement or pleasure in his eyes. A girl walks

over to him and takes his hand, and she speaks for the

whole room as she says, "we would love it if you would come

and dance with us."

...suddenly the lonely little bad-tripper smiles and says

"I would love to." He gets up on his feet, and now, the lonely

little bad-tripper is a lonely little bad-tripper no more.

He follows the girl to the floor and joins in as everyone

starts dancing and cheering. The d.j. turns up the bass again.

Oh my, what afeeling of ecstasy!!!

What a complete sensation of PLUR!!!
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» CMYK dicho @ Tue Sep 1, 2009 @ 11:49pm
We can call this girl °Angel° :)
» o0armonia0o dicho @ Sat Mar 29, 2008 @ 3:19pm
nice text! PLUR =)
» Skicks dicho @ Sat Mar 29, 2008 @ 3:19pm
» Le_D dicho @ Mon Jun 18, 2007 @ 5:28pm
This is why it's bad to K-hole at a rave :D