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News (Media Awareness Project) - UK: Nelson Couple Who Grew Cannabis For Arthritis Spared Jail
Title:UK: Nelson Couple Who Grew Cannabis For Arthritis Spared Jail
Published On:2011-08-25
Source:Lancashire Telegraph (UK)
Fetched On:2011-08-27 06:04:11

A COUPLE from Nelson who grew cannabis to treat the effects of
arthritis have been spared jail by a crown court judge.

Police raided the Sansbury Crescent home of Jacqueline Yorke and
Kenneth Laird last December, Burnley Crown Court heard.

And when officers arrived, Yorke immediately started to cry and told
them about the cannabis plants growing in her back bedroom.

Police found a sophisticated set-up in the spare room, with lighting
equipment, fans and reflective panels erected.

Yorke said she suffered arthritis in her hip and had found the drug
eased the condition.

Yorke and Laird, both aged 45, admitted producing cannabis.

Laird was given a six-month prison sentence and Yorke four months,
each suspended for 18 months. Each must pay UKP200 court costs.

Laird must carry out 120 hours community service and Yorke 100 hours.
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