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Title:ZOMG i want HaRdcOrE wtf
Posted On:2007-06-14 21:39:38
Posted By:» Le_D
I'm sure most of you have seen it, Project Mayhem is throwing Time Machine 2 on September 8th. We're bringing Frankie Bones to Montreal, alongside Indica, Philgood, Sarcastic and Mana 7. The second room features various genres, with djs Mad, Merkurius, Tamerax, Matduke, Matricks, Metzen, Tipsy T, Rhys Taylor, Don Louis and Psonyk. I personnally love this line up. We have an oldschool headliner, awesome djs who contributed a lot to the oldschool scene, and a second room featuring various genres.

I honestly never saw that come in, but some people have been kinda complaining that this isn't a hardcore party. While a lot of people are absolutely hyped about this, I do feel that some people came to expect happy hardcore and freeform out of our events. First of all, there is going to be hardcore at this event. Matricks, Don Louis, Metzen, Tipsy T, Merkurius; these djs will all play different genres of hardcore. In fact, the church basement, Time Machine's second room, will feature more hardcore than any other genre.

I think some of our regulars wanted a hardcore headliner. First, yes, I will book Luna-C eventually. When, I don't know, but it will happen. He's high on my headliner list, and he really wants to play in Montreal after Back to the Groove. While you all can expect a lot of hardcore djs at our future events, you can expect other genres as well. Personnally, I listen to different things and as such, I like to promote different things. Don't worry, I'm not leaving hardcore behind, I'm just throwing other things.

When you think about it, this isn't new. The first Time Machine was a various genre event. There was 2 sets of happy hardcore and 1 set of freeform. The rest was trance, nu-nrg and techno. During Thank God it's Thursday, we had different genres of music as well. In fact, our two most successful nights were a techno night and a trance night. Dave the Drummer and dj Emm, to be exact.

Hardcore will always be featured at every Project Mayhem all night event. After all, our 4 residents play this genre. You should see hardcore as the genre you'll hear at every event, but not as the focus of every event. I'm still opened to suggestions from ravers. So far, I got a really good feedback toward Time Machine 2, same for the Dave the Drummer night. This makes me feel like continuing to promote those nights. You can all expect more various genre events, of even techno events in the future, as well as colorful happy hardcore parties full of candy kids. I just happen to like a lot of stuff.
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