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By » Dr_Jwa on Fri Feb 22, 2008
Pensée autour de l'existentialisme Lydien... Je ne suis pas certain de ce qu'est la mort, je ne suis pas ceratin d'ou vont les âmes... je suis certains que je ne le saurai jamais, et c'est ce que je trouve le plus beau. Je suis certain que je t'aime, je suis certain que c'est réciproque. Je...
I live in Montreal
By » Efes on Thu Feb 21, 2008
I sure do I joined this site because I wanted to see when the big awesome events are. how cool is that???? Super cool I know have a great day
of silence
By » AYkiN0XiA on Wed Feb 20, 2008
what is a moment of rebirth for one who did not die? what is waking up for one who did not go to sleep? what is music for one who did not hear silence?
Night at cody's/ update
By » KandiKidChii on Mon Feb 18, 2008
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yeah had an awesome night at cody's with Jerri. Had tons of laughs watched invated zim, danced, cuddled and all that good stuff. gotta love, the love drug xD Oh also, I moved pics around all the ones before now, in a folder called old. And for the new ones of my I'll leave out in the open till I...
Free LInks (YouTube) to Noise(music)
By » Butterman on Fri Feb 15, 2008
free links to short YouTube clips featuring live jams/performances/improvisations from technoise/ambient/illbient/noise/experimental projects from Wreck Age Recordings. MINIMAL FRANK is Frank Zen, who also performs as/with Flesh For Frank, Leper Collective, G & F, Recyclor, amongst...
Butterman's all-time (L8T 90s, Y2K, post) favorite adult film female stars/performers
By » Butterman on Thu Feb 14, 2008
Butterman's all-time (L8T 90s, Y2K, post) favorite adult film female stars/performers: 1) Tiffany Mynx Without a doubt my all-time favorite queen of porn! I strongly doubt her place as my number one will ever be threatened, even though alot of post Y2K recent talent seem hell-bent on making...
One of those defining moments
By » Screwhead on Wed Feb 13, 2008
It's amazing what you can remember sometimes. Considering I can barely rememeber what I did last week, last month, last year.. remembering something in such vivid detail from when I was around 2 years old is fuckin' amazing. But it's also one of those important moments in life, where something...
um...I was told to start a journal
By » Adrianna on Fri Feb 8, 2008
is it supposed to be like my journal...or shit that people actually care about? I wish I wasn't so technologically retarded...anyway until I learn any better I'm gonna treat it like my journal Feb. 7th, 2008 Ran into Byren today outside of McGill, had a classic "Adrianna" moment that I must...
A Journal Not for Party
By » PrettyKittie23 on Mon Feb 4, 2008
Allow please a few moments verbal vomit. I have been off the site for awhile...bad paranoia.... I feel like I have had little relief fom incredible tension lately, I feel like a spring getting more and more tightly colied. I feel as though everything going on is leading to....something.....I'm...
I am in "LOVE" with Hollywwod actress Christina Ricci.
By » Butterman on Fri Feb 1, 2008
Wouldn't you know it. Although I am a male brought up in the world between the later part of the 20th century, and finding it difficult to adjust to the post Y2K modernistic selfishism of today's individualistic society, I am still considered a human male in the modern world. So in normal...
Paroles en l'air
By » WassUpOnEarth on Mon Jan 28, 2008
Il vaut mieux renforcer ses points forts que de combler ses points faibles. Une des plus grandes frustations est celle de ne pas avoir fait ce qui était le mieux. Ça ne sert à rien d'être en criss contre qqch que fait la société quand on ne connaît pas de meilleur moyen de fonctionner...
Mon entrée
By » WassUpOnEarth on Mon Jan 28, 2008
Eclipse 2006. 1er trip de vrai lsd. J'ai découvert le psy et suis tombé en amour avec. J'ai aussi cru observer une genre de communauté, comme si tlm se connaissait, que tlm était complice. Je me suis dit: "Wow...faut que je démystifie ça, que je garde contact." Pis là j'ai trouvé un collant...
In the End...
By » Charley on Thu Jan 24, 2008
It starts with one thing I don't know why It doesn't even matter how hard you try keep that in mind I designed this rhyme To explain in due time All I know Time is a valuable thing Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings Watch it count down to the end of the day The clock ticks life...
a semi-rant
By » prodigyprincess on Wed Jan 23, 2008
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Im getting really fucking sick to death of people not taking me seriously because they think I'm alot younger than i actually am! I was flat out refused a financial service today because he said I'm too young! I didn't correct him because i was so stunned and he pretty much "shooed" me out of his...
be a space pirate prt.2
By » DramaPolKa on Mon Jan 21, 2008
rule 1.. always be ready.. etre pret a tout rule 2 .. never stop ...jammais arreter rule 3 always keep going ...toujour continuer rule 5 . stach stuf before.. avoir des reserve ...(alcool et compagie) rule 6.. always involding ... toujou inover .. toujour trouver quelleque chosse de...
stuff from my personal journal
By » prodigyprincess on Sat Jan 19, 2008
Friday January 18 2008 1:01 pm I got a text! U know what i like about your legs? u have ankles, incredibly muscular thighs and calves but without going all tree stumpy Wow, what a compliment to wake up to! i just got a call for another job interview from the same place i think theyre going...
Ravers are depraved. (???!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
By » Horus on Wed Jan 16, 2008
I recently saw someone post about how Ravers are "depraved"... This person means to be a "real raver" somehow... Where in PLUR do we see depravity? Pleasure, yes. But depravity? PLUR does not mean "Orgy"... Or anything like that... Some people are clearly misguided, no? Raves were ever meant to...
PLUR, what?
By » Horus on Tue Jan 15, 2008
The original PLUR: PEACE: No friction or conflict, either internal or external. This means that people who PLUR are first and foremost peaceful in nature. This does not mean only that they will not fight other people. That is an OBVIOUS external behavior criterion. Peace, true peace, goes much...
The New Rave and our trip to montreal
By » prodigyprincess on Mon Jan 14, 2008
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So i got to the bus station on Rue Berri. I hailed a cab and told him what hotel I was at. He looked at me and said "It's right over there" pointing and sounding annoyed. the hotel was a 5 minute walk from the bus station. I was in Montreal a total of 5 minutes by then and had already embarrassed...
NEW RAVE!, New Friends...and a Sadly Early Departure REVISED
By » PrettyKittie23 on Mon Jan 14, 2008
Well the first weekend in Montreal was a whilwind trip!I arrive shortly after 4pm from an uneventful 6 hour bus trip I find Prodigyprincess waiting impatiently on the platform. We head back to the hotel,our room already sporting that rock-star-in-residence look from 3 days of complete...
Vida de la musika
By » solkwan88 on Wed Jan 9, 2008
Saludos ! je m'appel Noey Kwan, je travail dans un bar, je fais des soirées DJ et un peu de menuiserie, je suis compositeur, interpret et producteur de musika Hip Hop psy, Électro-Trance, Hard Trance, Happy Hard Core et Chill Out. Je fais mon lancement bientôt. J'adore foncer dans la vie...
New Rave! The Prequel!!
By » PrettyKittie23 on Tue Jan 8, 2008
YAY!! Only 4 more days until Montreal!! I can't wait to be out of the city (although I am NOT looking forward to the 6 hour bus trip @ 9:30am on Saturday) As Prodigyprincess wrote we are prepping by hittin the AWESOME local Value Village and makin some Kandy. Most of all i'm looking forward to...
Value Village is Awesome!!!
By » prodigyprincess on Sun Jan 6, 2008
2 more days and im outta here! i went to Value Village with my sister today to look for pants. Didn't find any cuz they don't have alot in size 14... it's mostly skinny bitch clothes only my sister can fit into:P needless to say she found some outfits there and... I found an awesome fuzzy cat...
By » prodigyprincess on Thu Dec 27, 2007
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I'm going with Catzgurl to Montreal i'm so excited I've been peeing every half hour or so... exactly 12 more days to get thru and I'm there! Wooo Hooo!!! YEAH!!!
By » Cya on Thu Dec 27, 2007
<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/bUfQmbFQJl4&rel=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/bUfQmbFQJl4&rel=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425...
utopique univers
By » Cya on Thu Dec 27, 2007
Je vis dans un endroit où il n'y a pas de guerre et tous ceux qui y vivent ne connaissent point la misère Il n'y a pas de fric, seulement de la musique et toute la violence se transforme en silence Il n'y a pas de méchants pour faire mal aux enfants il n'y a pas de prisons, donc pas d'infractions...
That long old list...
By » Sam_Agricole on Wed Dec 26, 2007
Was starting to be much too long... but i couldn't stand just deleting it... copy/paste... I'll be gone looking for Myself, if I should come back before I return, keep me here, I will come back to get Me. LA-MOU-STA-CHE!!!! (ou:La Moustachio del fuego de la muerte que mata!) Ça dépend de...
By » Screwhead on Sat Dec 22, 2007
I think one of the main diffrences between me and most people is that I really listen to my heart on things, to a fault. If something doesn't feel right, doesn't move me, I just don't do it. Life is too short to waste your time doing things you aren't completely and totally passionate about and...
OH Festivus!/ Magic Baking
By » PrettyKittie23 on Thu Dec 20, 2007
So I've been baking for about a week now.....sadly not in the enjoyable intoxication way but literally...like baking stuff. Chocolate Chip cookies, Caramel Corn, Chocolate Snowballs and Rum Balls for 70 people. I never want to see flour again! This year no major disasters in regards to cooking...
en cette fin...
By » Mary_death on Mon Dec 17, 2007
En cette fin, il est temps de proclamer haut et fort l'arrivé d'une pose bien mérité ! Je suis sûre que tous mérite une pose avant le temps des fêtes. La fin des études, un stress peu enfin s'évanouir dans le froid tempéreux de l'automne que nous avons. Eh oui, il ne faut pas oublier...
bonne nuit
By » narfette on Mon Dec 17, 2007
les larmes coulent mais elles n'arrangeront point ton sort, mon amour. elles inondent ton poil pendant que tu convulses, mes mots sortent tout croche, je caresse ton museau en esperant te voir me repondre, mais tu continues a convulser malgre con coma artificiel. je suis desolee, mon boli...
Tranzn.com is here!
By » TheUnknown on Mon Dec 17, 2007
Finally my website is up and running, although still under construction.
By » Phoenix on Thu Dec 13, 2007
The only thing I know for sure is that I doubt.
Oh wow
By » KandiKidChii on Sun Dec 2, 2007
Okay, I haven't been on here much. Change my hair, got snakebites new pics and all that. I'm slacking I guess xD
free your soul!
By » SeismoLogick on Tue Nov 27, 2007
LAURYN HILL LYRICS "I Get Out" [Singing Chorus] I get out, I get out of all your boxes I get out, you can't hold me in these chains I'll get out Father free me from this bondage Knowin' my condition Is the reason I must change [Verse 1] Your stinkin' resolution Is no type of...
Every time I spin My story is told
By » Reaper on Mon Nov 26, 2007
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<b>Every time i spin, my heart feels like its on a race, racing to the beat.. Waiting for the next track waiting for that certin beat to make the croud go nuts, and dance to they can't no more. Everytime i hit the mixer, I feel like nuthing is more wonderful, only but waking up to the love of my...
broken hearts are for assholes
By » narfette on Sat Nov 24, 2007
new city. new day. i said goodbye to my friend. we hugged for a good five minutes, all the unsaid things passing between us. the "i´m sorry"s, the "it should have ended differently"s, the "i will miss you"s and the like. i close my eyes and take in the peppery lavender smell for the last time. i...
alirghty so im new here and
By » graveofnight on Thu Nov 22, 2007
so far this is sooooo cool...all these ravers makes it sooo cool to be amoung the greatest movement in my P.O.V. ever... i love the music i luv the people and yeas.. well i will most likely write more but this is the preface to a long history ^_^
It's always tackiest before laundry day...
By » prodigyprincess on Wed Nov 21, 2007
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I still haven't done my laundry. I'm wearing avacado coloured granny panties, an ill fitting La Senza bra that's on it's last legs, the black tights with the big rip in the ass, a knitted pink sparkly striped halter top, a green paisley/floral skirt, a pair of my stepdad's grey socks I stole this...
Key problems in my life
By » prodigyprincess on Tue Nov 20, 2007
My mom's prissy little cat shit in my bed AGAIN! My mom took her keys AND my keys this morning so I had to cancel all my appointments today cuz i can't go anywhere until i get those keys back! I need to do laundry desperately and I can't cuz of the key problem! Forgot my cellphone charger at my...
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