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News (Media Awareness Project) - US ID: LTE: Community Has Failed Kids About Drugs
Title:US ID: LTE: Community Has Failed Kids About Drugs
Published On:2011-11-30
Source:Idaho Mountain Express (ID)
Fetched On:2011-12-01 06:01:47

I am disgusted and outraged that my property taxes are being used to
support a school system that has student drug and alcohol problems.

The fact that the Blaine County Community Drug Coalition finds it
necessary to propose a policy for mandatory student drug testing for
the Blaine County School District is disappointing. Seemingly, the
problem is rampant at Wood River High School, where 66 percent of
students are using alcohol and marijuana regularly. With a community
that has attempted to introduce the legalization of marijuana, what
can you expect? And where are the parents in all of this? Any idiot
can have children! It takes an intelligent and responsible parent to
raise smart children who make good choices in life.

Jitka M. Sullivan

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