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News (Media Awareness Project) - US MI: PUB LTE: Legalize It
Title:US MI: PUB LTE: Legalize It
Published On:2011-11-23
Source:Metro Times (Detroit, MI)
Fetched On:2011-11-26 06:00:34

Tax and regulate all cannabis use, possession, transportation and
sales. Cannabis prohibition is a travesty propagated by lies,
hyperbole and misinformation in order to protect industries that are
threatened by it, namely the petroleum industry, the alcohol industry,
pharmaceutical industries, textile industries, big tobacco, logging
and paper industries, the privatized prison industry, prison guards,
law enforcement, judges, prosecuting and defense attorneys and other
ancillary judicial professions (court reporters, bailiffs, etc.),
addiction specialists and more.

- --Wayne Reiss, Brooklyn, N.Y.
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