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» Kevlar
41 ans capricorne homme
De Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Taille:6' 0"
Couleur Yeux:Bleu
Couleur Cheveux:Noir
Type De Corps:Sexy
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Religion:Pas Religieux
Importance De La Rel.:Très
Régime Quotidien:Sain
Veut Des Enfants:Non
Style De Vie:Aime La Ville
Statut Social:Célibataire
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The Disappearing Man (Electronic)
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Hypercaffeinated - Feb. 21 ,2007 (Electronic)
58:34 min @ 128 kbps, 0 comment
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Kevlar is an electronic music producer from Montreal, Canada. Born in the early 80's, he was exposed to mainly mainstream pop and rock with hints of what would later evolve into todays electronica.

Kevlar started experimenting with recording and sampling at about age 15 when given a microcasette recorder and some old tapes. This evolved into a love for loop sampling and sound design which became apparent in his last years in high-school. He and a friend started recording experimental loop driven ambient tunes in his bedroom. Sadly, most of these old tunes were badly recorded and mixed, however the intention was there and it was a good stepping stone into what has become his daily life.

Kevlar is now producing more compositional pieces with a low-fi edge. Involved with a band called "Jet Roulette", he acts as the producer and engineer for the bulk of their projects. He also, on occasion plays live shows with "Quebec Connection" and has more recently been involved in re-mixing.

Kevlar is also a founding member of Savoir Faire Records, who are currently in the process of creating a compilation album containing music from some of Montreals greatest electronic DJs and producers. Find out more at www.savoirfairerecords.com
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» no.name a dit @ Sun 13 May, 2007 @ 10:47pm
hey where are you?!you never come here anymore bouhouhou
» accentman a dit @ Tue 15 Nov, 2005 @ 2:56pm
I told the boys get the shotties, glocks, and the rest of the gats as I strapped on the bullet proof vest...
» QuebecConnection a dit @ Thu 6 Oct, 2005 @ 2:35am
scribbling on the proverbial wall.
» Synthamesk a dit @ Thu 2 Dec, 2004 @ 3:43pm
!nihC !nihC
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