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Joanie_Australia's Profil
» Joanie_Australia
38 ans cancer. femme
De Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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I just come from a year and half of travelling around the world (from Oceania..Europe..Middle East..teaching english in Africa.. passing through Asia.. to end in South America )

In Australia, I went in few Trance parties.. and I really enjoy it. Now, Im back home .. one of the most amazing place in the Whole world.. my lovely city, MONTREAL ! I cant wait for some good Trance parties... to feel again this special atmosphere.

Im back to University, in Concordia, to get into International Business.

Here I am..just ready to enjoy the next trance party, and be around amazing people!
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» dgezi a dit @ Mon 26 Feb, 2007 @ 2:12pm
» The_magnet_Lou a dit @ Thu 26 Oct, 2006 @ 10:51pm
Hey you, I went in Autralia, was amazing. Pratically play a set over there, but miss chance..
» Psy_co a dit @ Sat 2 Jul, 2005 @ 9:15pm
This is so cool, you get to travel all around the world. I wanna do the same thing too ...
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