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» DjAri
39 ans verseau homme
De Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dernière Visite:Tue 30 Nov, 1999 @ 12:00am
Profil Vu:6,341
Taille:5' 10"
Couleur Yeux:Brun
Couleur Cheveux:Brun
Type De Corps:Mince
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Régime Quotidien:Sain
Veut Des Enfants:Peut-Être Plus Tard
Style De Vie:Aime La Ville
Statut Social:Célibataire
Langages:Anglais, Espagnol
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Aloo humans, im a guy from mexico, i love the patysss... i como here for live, and show you the music for my country...

i play so many diferents sets of psy tance, for any ocation, indoor o outdoor...

Just exist one live, i go too try too enjoy my life...have friends, and girls, i have a problem i am latin, I am caliente you now...

.....::::peace humans::::.....

Commentaires des membres
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» earthyspirit a dit @ Wed 4 Jan, 2006 @ 11:17pm
Time to notice the change now friend.. I love your focus.. You point in good directions and you should speak to some of your shamans/teachers.. they will tell you what to do.. Make contacts, network the good people, the world is about to change. 2012 beckons.. The mayans fortold the return of positive forces here..
» Valrie a dit @ Fri 28 Oct, 2005 @ 8:40am
Hey!! :)! I hope to see you! You are a very nice guy! Rave on!! (J suis pas tres bonne en anglais mais bon) J veux dire que j suis contente de te connaitre pis j espere qu on va se viorent tres bientot sur le dance floor! ;)
» DjAri a dit @ Mon 17 Oct, 2005 @ 12:22am
im are from mexico and im dj, i like the psy trance, if some body like my demo contact me, im like diferents stylesy, i can play all you nedd in psy trance sets, i come to show you the mexican power, AAauuuuuuuuuu!!!! arriba mexico cabrones, je, i dont live in toronto, im live in hamilton Ontario...
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