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Title:The Great Inversion
Posted On:2007-04-16 22:27:47
Posted By:» Andy_Riot
I am the voice calling from beneath the waves,
I am the ghost imbrued within the flesh,
I've been pulling at these strings but to no avail.

Now it's time for them to see what you can really do,
Now it's time for them to see your true nature
Don't silence yourself this time

I've been blackness slowly consumed by the fog,
I've been a lonely star,
Sparkling in my solitude
Oblivion to my left
Oblivion to my right
I've dreampt empty dreams
Cut down by obsidian nights

With eyes reborn in furious flame
My soul ablaze
New life has been granted
The waves will crash and make way,
As i emerge and slice through the ether,
This time, this time, this time is MINE

I'm the sanctuary to which you run,
No need to follow the end of the rainbow when you can just follow ME,
I am the flames from which you flee
Ever dancing, embracing the frenzy

This You Are
This You Are
This You Are

A God amongst the dead and dying

I've bathed in tears of self-pity,
Crucified myself for the wretched,
It will not happen again.

I've suffered religiously,
If i would pull back the skin from the meat you'd see my vessels are empty.
Blood's been lost, but now replaced, with something darker, ever greater.
No longer human, no, yet to much avail i shall arise.

I've hated myself more than my enemies,
Cut myself for everyone else,
A pumpkin carved and gutted - left to rot,
And all it took was an eruption, to rock my world, now i am reborn.
For this insanity has come forth,
I've heard it beckon before, seducing with it's sweet wet tongue.
No longer will i deny it's call.
I am now, more than ever.

No one came to help me the day i hit the ground,
No - not even 1.
Too pitiful to watch and too ugly to help.
God, i was such a mess.

My funeral was desolate and destitute of friends.
No sympathy, no prayers, no memories...
A forgotten ghost,
Damned and cursed and all alone
Nothing at all.

A plain old tomb,
Deader than dead,
Without a tear to summon my heart,
Not a flower, not a note, not a word,
No, not a soul.

And i cried in purgatory,
Avenge Me Avenge Me,
Yet no one did come.

But now in my darkest hour, On your COLDEST nite, here, tonite, under the radiating moonlight

The Misfit King will arise

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