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Calendrier des événements - September 4, 2008
Forward Music: Dj Bind And Rhys Taylor [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Temps:Thu 4 Sep, 2008 @ 11:00pm till Fri 5 Sep, 2008 @ 3:00am
Description:** FORWARD MUSIC **

Forward-thinking underground music... FUTURE MUSIC !

Every thursday, at the brand spanking new Passeport Club, 2037 St-Denis street !

The very best GRIME, ELECTRO and DRUM & BASS dj's this city has to offer.

Radically upfront.... relentlessly progressive !

GET THE PODCAST: [ www.squidcom.net ]
Room 1:
DJ Bind - www.djbind.com - Hot Mess, Vagitron!
INTOCCABILE - www.myspace.com - Fyutchaflex recordings and event
Rhys Taylor
Wally (Dubstep) - www.forwardmusicmontreal.com - Forward Music
Extras:Big up to the noune slack massive in da area. BOH...

... ...Hold on what? What did you say? oh right! Bind is on the line-up this week which means, it's time to party, take your pants off and get your drinks on! BYAH!

Then you got Rhys Taylor... this man makes drinks, burns hot dogs and mixes tracks... AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! he's got seven arms and ten penises... wait is that really how you write the plural of penis...

And on top of it all, you get wally and intoccabile kick the night off in style

oy and you know what else??????

THIS WEEEEEK! is the launch of Breakolage!

"WTF are you talking about?"

well... you know that table in the corner... the one that says breakolage right over it... the one with a bunch of stapplers, cardboard and newspapers? So what you do IS! go to the table, do whatever the fuck you want with the material you got there (do not stapple your penis on a piece of cardboard!!!) and bring your bricolage (or breakolage) to the cute girl at the door... why? CUZ ITS FUN!!!!!! oh right... and also, cuz we scan all that shit and make next month's poster out of it!

Drink specials : 10 $ pitchers, 1 shooter : 3,50$ ; 2 shooters for a mere 6$.

3$ BEFORE midnight, 5 $ AFTER... that's right.

FORWARD MUSIC... groundbreaking, underground, relentlessly progressive !

And remember... if it's not FORWARD-THINKING UNDERGROUND MUSIC... it's probably not worth your precious time !!!

Tell your friends... spread the HYPE !

On thursdays... it's FORWARD MUSIC, at the PASSEPORT, 2037 St-Denis street, near the Berri metro.

[ www.new.facebook.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]
[ forwardmusicmontreal.blogspot.com ]
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Commentaires des membres
» rawali a dit @ Mon 1 Sep, 2008 @ 4:00pm
thank you dee
» DrGonzo a dit @ Thu 28 Aug, 2008 @ 2:47am
The plural of penis is Peni.