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Forward 2nd Anniversary, Pt. 1 Feat Evidence (To) [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Temps:Thu 20 May, 2010 @ 10:00pm till Fri 21 May, 2010 @ 3:00am
Description:Forward started in the summer of 2008 as platform to promote underground electronic music, filling the absence of a weekly rendez-vous for the alternative club scene. Originally thought out to be a hosting ground for drum’n’bass, jungle, breaks and dubstep, Forward grew and evolved into a night made to showcase a wide array of genres and scenes working with a variety of different crews and artists such as Loetech, Sixtoo, DZ, Datsik, Spor and Plastician, to name a few.

Dubstep remains a central focus but Forward is also about bringing people of different musical backgrounds together to open their minds to different styles. By inviting over 75 different guest djs on the span of the last year, Forward gets people to enjoy and discover new artists.

Forward is
Rhys Taylor, a nightlife legend who has been playing alongside big names of the international electronic music scene in Montreal for almost 10 years now. Holding down "Your Radio is Broken" on CKUT for the past 5 years, throwing Mix Thursdays for almost 3 years, a residency at Blue Dog, Saphir and then Blizzarts with Broken Crew and bringing breaks to Stereo are a few of his accomplishments.

David Rawalia aka Wally, a dj who has been mastering his craft since 2003 and more recently producing his own unique sounds. After promoting rave culture and sound and organizing a multitude of one-off all-nighters, he moved on to the dubstep scene taking full-part in the forward weekly as well as participating in other events such as soma and bassdrive.

Forward teams up with Monkey dub recording for a very special part one of our two year anniversary. Come celebrate with us with an all-star line-up of producers/djs

EVIDENCE (Toronto) - Monkey dub recording/indajungle
[ www.monkeydub.com ]
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]

Signed to indajungle for 5 years as a drum'n'bass producer, now also featured on monkey dub as a dubstep producer, Evidence's tunes are nothing short of gold, no matter what the style. If you dont know this man's tunes, I urge you to check the soundcloud. Expect a flawlessly mixed set of pristine dnb and dubstep exclusives.


MetaB - Monkey dub recording
[ www.monkeydub.com ]

I grew up in Africa, “Mogo” from Ivory coast. I came back in Marseille, Europe, in 1997 for discovering the explosion of sound systems.
I considarate myself as a true Shaka ites!!!
I dedicate my life to sound system culture. I was introduced to “groovebox sounds and live experimentations” thanks to theim

Big up to Boom shakalaka sound system, Iration Steppas sound system, Jah World tubby sound system, King Shiloh sound system, Musical Riot sound system….and then I was introduce to the techno-DnB.

I bought my first gear, a Korg electribe, in 2003 and started to make my own production. I was really influenced by the sounds I was listening in Ivory Coast: Alpha Omega, Russ D, Jonah dan, Steve Mosco, Doogie Wardrop, Mark Iration, Denis rooticall, Gianni C, the Scientist, jahShaka and of course the big master Mad Professor.
I’m living in Montréal now and I still making my own sound, mixing Uk Stepper, Dubstep, Jungle, DNB……whatever you can call it, Techno musique.


Nitrous - indajungle
[ www.indajunglerecording.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Born in Montreal, Canada, Nitrous (also know as D-Joos) grew up listening to a wide range of different music (Hip-Hop, Metal, Grunge, Punk, Rock). He was first exposed to electronic music in the early 90's through the now infamous Goldie track, Inner City Life. This is where everything changed for him, slowly starting buying vinyls and first spinning House and Techno music. He later made the big switch and started spinning exclusively Drum and Bass. In 1999, he created his own production company called “Kracked Knuckles”, doing small and intimate dnb events in Montreal. He later founded the “In Da Jungle” production company with Dj`s Galaksy and Axionfigga, that created Havoc in the Montreal dnb scene for over 5 years, bringin` only the best dnb dj`s in town, in the likes of John B and Klute. Nitrous is now well established in the Montreal dnb scene, havin` played alongside many international dj`s by the likes of Concord Dawn (NZ), Kemal (UK), Klute (UK), John B (UK), Panacea (Germany), Digital (UK) and Juju (USA).

In 2003, he got introduced to music production, using Propellerhead`s Reason and Steinberg`s Cubase to create his own sounds. He has now numerous tracks available on his own Digital Label “In Da Jungle Recordings” that he founded in 2006 with Nick and Erina Z, Kensai and Dj Scandal. Check it out right here: [ www.indajunglerecording.com ]


[ www.monkeydub.com ]
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Living~Stone is an up and coming genre-busting performer. Melding frequencies of dub, dubstep, hip hop, glitch hop, mid-tempo and more into a sonic experience Living~Stone likes to call Bass Culture. As a member of Dig.iT.aL, Living~Stone collaborates with artists and musicians throughout North America, Europe, and where ever people can be found that truly Dig iT aLL.

He can be found playing dubstep and other bass music at dubstep and electronic music events around Montreal, Eastern Canada and beyond. This year Living~Stone played multiple sets at Eastern Canada’s prestigious Evolve Festival’s 10th year anniversary, as well as for Montreal’s #1 outdoor party playground Piknic Electronik alongside UK badboys Skream & Benga. Recognized anywhere he plays as a legit badman, 2010 promises to be his biggest year yet. Already started at Igloofest opening Noisia.

“Living~Stone brings game. Genre hopping loop teaser, anywhere this boy is there’s a party. Even the most sceptical folk-rock fanatic has been known to drop their tambourine and break into the dubstep slow bump at the drop of his hi-hat shuffle over the dirty big bass. He is a jump up raver behind the decks- quite blatantly having as much fun throwing down the tracks as the bouncing pit of happy before him. He’s behind the booth but there is no division between him and the dance floor. His IS the dance floor. Pushing the genre to its party maximum, while previously loved tracks are given a new lease on life new ones are tested, the reactions noted and all the while the revelry continues. Just try and stand still to this dub monkey’s big sound”.


Hosts Wally and Rhys Taylor get them extra subs nice a warm as you step in.

5$ all night

Passeport 2037 Saint-Denis
Room 1:
Evidence (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
META.B - indajunglerecording
Rhys Taylor
Wally - www.forwardmusicmontreal.com - Forward Music
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