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Calendrier des événements - August 18, 2011
Beat Freakz Presents - Dj Brace & Dj Fishead & Bois Noirs (Fr) [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Temps:Thu 18 Aug, 2011 @ 8:00pm till Thu 18 Aug, 2011 @ 11:00pm
Emplacement:Onvii Studio-Loft
Description:eudi 18 Aout 2011, BEAT FREAKZ sur [ [ djweb.tv ] ]

Cette semaine nous sommes fier de vous présenter :

DJ Brace [ www.djbrace.com ]

Brace has had a diverse DJ career that began over 10 years ago and features many highlights as a turntablist, producer and DJ instructor. DJ Brace has won numerous turntablist battles, including the DMC Canadian Championship in 2004 and placing 8th in the world. In 2005 Brace released a self titled LP entitled Soundbarriers, with legend-prairie rapper Gruf. Brace's music can also be heard on the Fox TV hit Prison Break. Brace has also scored music for the CBC. Debut solo album, Nostomania, won a Juno for Best Instrumental album of 2009. Summer 2009 a 12" Vinyl was released on ESL Music, with a Brace remix. Has DJ'd for Roxanne Shante. Brace currently resides in Montreal where he is actively composing and recording in the studio working on his solo material, collaborating with rap group Brown Bag AllStars, Ancient Astronauts, Microthol and Birdapres.


Brace a eu une carrière de DJ diversifiée qui a débuté il y a 10 ans et met en lumière de nombreuses fonctions qu’il a occupé comme un turntablist, producteur et DJ instructeur. DJ Brace a gagné de nombreuses batailles aux platines, comprenant le Championnat DMC Canada de 2004 ainsi que la 8e position dans le monde. Avec Gruf, rappeur légendaire des prairies, Brace a publié un LP éponyme intitulé Soundbarriers en 2005. La musique de Brace peut également être entendue sur la série télé Prison Break, de Fox TV. Brace a aussi marqué la musique de Radio-Canada. Son premier album solo, Nostomania, a remporté un prix Juno pour le meilleur album instrumental de l'année 2009. Pendant l’été 2009, un vinyle 12 " a été publié sur ESL Music, avec un remix de Brace. De plus, il a été DJ pour Roxanne Shante. Brace réside actuellement à Montréal où il compose et enregistre en studio activement sur son matériel solo, collaborant avec le groupe de rap Brown Bag AllStars, Ancient Astronauts, ainsi qu’avec Microthol et Birdapres.


Fishead [ www.djfishead.com ]

“People tend to assume that because a music is hard or abrasive that it is somehow less intelligent than something that is not as confrontational. I’ve always believed that an integral part of being provocative is provoking people. ”

For over 20 years Fishead has done his best to annihilate the status quo. He has been known to run through tracks at a mindnumbing rate, and famous for attacking the turntables with an unadulterated fury that must be seen to be believed. Since 1996 he has been taking his peculiar brand of chaos all over North America, and watching it spread like a virus. His campaign of deviant turntablism may have originated in Winnipeg, but it has now touched down all over the United States, and across Canada.

Some may claim that there is no method to this madness, but perhaps that is the best method of all. Fishead has fought relentlessly against being typecast, and he has always been willing to expound upon the direction his artistic practice is taking at any given moment. This attitude and articulation has helped him gain favor with a strange array of audiences. In the past few years some of North America’s top promoters have booked him to play alongside some of the most recognized names in electronic music.

While living in Winnipeg he was one of the first wave of DJs to emerge from the fledgling underground scene of the early 90′s. After a few forays into the United States he become a regular feature at events put together by such esteemed promoters as Drop Bass Network (Wisconsin), Addict (Wisconsin), Ele_mental (Ohio), Trust (Colorado), From The Gut (Michigan) and many more. The ensuing years have witnessed him expanding his audience and playing shows in New York (NY), St. Louis (MO), Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa and a number of appearances in Louisville (KY). He has also maintained a steady presence in his old haunts by becoming one of the select few artists invited to perform at every instance of the highly regarded Schizophrenia parties.

Since relocating to Montreal in the fall of 2001, Fishead has shared billing with some of that city’s finest talent – including Synthamesk, Mutante, Moebius, Black Market, Galaks’, Sarcastic and fellow ‘peg city ex-pat DJ Brace… in addition he has been booked locally, and internationally, as a supporting act for a wide range of headliners that spans an impressive array of musical genres. These include; Manu le Malin, Eye-D, Delta 9, Rob Gee, DJ Assault, Venetian Snares, Squarepusher, Producer, Mark N, Abelcain, Francisco López, Luke Vibert, Huren, Matthew Dear, Noize Creator, Satronica, Fanny, Gennaro Le Fosse, Lenny Dee, Horrorist and a host of others.

During the summer of 2005 Fishead collaborated on a weekly radio show called “Control to Chaos” that was broadcast on Thursday evenings in Barcelona, Spain by Burn.fm. He also made his first trip to Europe, and played a mid-September show in Weelde, Belgium (alongside I:Gor, Matt Green, Bryan Furey, Laf-o ++), and via his involvement with The Upgrade was asked to provide audio collage pieces to an art exhibit toured North America the following summer. After taking some time away from music to focus on completing a degree at Montreal’s Concordia University, Fishead is ready to perform in Winnipeg for the first time in over two years.


Bois Noirs(Fr)

Émilie et Rémi Sauzedde sont les deux protagonistes de ce groupe singulier. Couple dans la vie, couple sur la scène. Après un parcours aux expériences éclectiques (hardcore punk, clash/grime), le style électro pop est devenu leur terrain commun de création.

Après un premier passage à Montréal, ils décident de travailler, depuis 2011, avec le label ITWM Records (In Trouble With Mom). Le label les accompagne maintenant dans leurs périples électro pop à la française. L’album « Red & Blue », à paraitre prochainement avec le label ITWM Records, est la petite perle rare à découvrir absolument. Le tournage de leur prochain clip pour le morceau « Eat shit till you die » extrait de l’album Red & Blue, sera réalisé par Guillaume Pascale (ITWM Records / Ex-Hi-Bi Inc.) pendant leur passage à Montréal.

A couple in life and on stage, Émilie and Rémi Sauzedde are the two protagonists of this unique group. After a career of widely eclectic musical experience (hardcore punk, clash/grime), the electro-pop style has become their common-ground of creation.

After their initial visit to Montreal in 2011, they have decided to work with the ITWM Records label (InTrouble With Mom). ITWM is now accompanying them on their electro pop journey "à la française". Their forthcoming « Red & Blue » album on ITWM Records is a gem which really warrants discovering. Whilst in Montreal, filming of their nextmusic video for the song "Eat shit till you die" from the Red & Blue album will be directed by Guillaume Pascale (ITWM Records / Ex-Hi-Bi Inc.).


Facebook event page: [ www.facebook.com ]

Prepare yourself for good vibes only!!!!!

Ne pas oublier que nous sommes disponible sur iphone mais seulement en direct les jeudis pour l'instant
[ [ djweb.tv ] ]

Don't forget that we are on iphone but only live on thursday for now
[ [ www.beatfreakz.ca ] ]

..........................​..................... .....​...............

:: BEAT FREAKZ :: [ [ DJWEB.TV ] ]


Jeudi / Thursday 9 - 11 PM

Studio Onvii
1410 Wolfe, Montréal
Stations Beaudry / Berri-UQAM


Prestation de DJs avec public et caméras: À la place de boire de l'alcool tout seul chez vous. On vous invite à venir les jeudis avant de sortir dans les clubs. Le but est de vous divertir et vous informer sur la scène musicale montréalaise. C'est BYOB en passant. Si vous ne pouvez vous déplacer écoutez le résultat en direct sur le web. Le tout se déroulera de 21hrs à 23hrs.

BEAT FREAKZ CREW : Gaby and Scott


DJs performing in front of an audience and cameras: Instead of getting drunk by yourself at home, we invite you to come out Thursdays before hitting your favorite night. Our goal is to entertain and inform people about the Montreal non-mainstream music scene. It’s a BYOB typa thing. If you can't make it. Tune in on [ [ DJWEB.TV ] ] web site live n direct on the web! Goin' on from 9 to 11 PM.

BEAT FREAKZ CREW : Gaby and Scott
Room 1:
Fishead - www.djfishead.com

Divertisseurs: Beat Freakz
Extras:Price: $$FREE$$
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Events Calendar - August 18, 2011
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