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Kinetik Festival - Phase 1 - Electro - David Carretta, Ascii Disko, Mini [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Temps:Wed 12 May, 2010 @ 7:00pm till Thu 13 May, 2010 @ 3:00am
Promoteur:Kinetik Productions
Usine C, 1345 Lalonde Ave
Description:Kinetik Productions in collaboration with Dj Mini present :

Kinetik Festival Phase 1 - Electro night

Fixmer/McCarthy (Fr/Uk)- Planete rouge records
[ www.fixmermccarthy.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

A project from Terence Fixmer and Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb).

After many years of silence Douglas McCarthy, the legendary voice of Nitzer Ebb, is ready for a new electronic WAR ! ! He has joined forces with Terence Fixmer to create Fixmer /McCarthy - a new project that combines both their strengths…

Terence in charge of the music, bringing his energised analogue sequences, Douglas in charge of the vocals, bringing his own unique energy and powerful voice.

Terence Fixmer, a world renound techno artist , has been involved in the techno scene for more than 10 years. In 1998 he signed to Gigolo Records and has gone on to have many hits such as ‘Electrostatic’, ‘Body Pressure’, ‘Electric Vision’ and the album ‘Muscle Machine’ (voted as the top 3 album of the year for Groove Mag). He also has remixed tracks for amoungst others Sven Vath Dave Clarke and Hell. Terence became famous through his live performance - a kind of mixture of EBM and Techno, i.e. full of energy and power. When you see a Terence Fixmer show you never forget it ! His sound is unique and instantly recognisable as his own. He has played at the biggest events such as I Love Techno, May Day, Nature One, and the biggest festivals such as Pukkelpop, Dour Festival, Benicassim as well as appearing at the best techno clubs all over the world.

In 2002 Mute records asked Terence to remix Nitzer Ebb, and through this Terence got in contact with Douglas McCarthy , the Nitzer Ebb singer.

Douglas McCarthy, already world renound as the legendary voice and founding memberof the band Nitzer Ebb, has taken his time returning to music. Douglas and Terence soon became great friends.

Nitzer Ebb, an avant-guarde electronic band, started in England in 1982 signing to Mute Records in 1986 after releasing a string of instant global club hits on their own label.

Douglas brought the raw power of his voice to the band, along with an amazing stage performance seen all over the world with the brilliant Nitzer Ebb live show that was always full of the tension and rage of hits such as ‘Let Your Body Learn’, ‘Join in the Chant’, ‘Control I’m Here’, and ‘Getting Closer’ – tracks that are still as popular today as then.

Along with Bon Harris, the other founding member of Nitzer Ebb, Douglas perfected his skill as a showman by relentlessly touring the 5 albums they released between 1987 and 1995. ‘That Total Age’, ‘Belief’, ‘Showtime’, ‘Ebbhead’, and ‘Big Hit’ have all given an incredible influence on the electronic scene of today, but it is also the voice of Douglas that is the reference of the alternative scene and make Nitzer Ebb one of the all time top EBM bands.

In 1995 after the last US tour for the final album Big Hit, Nitzer Ebb split.
Bon went on to work with other bands such as Marylin Manson, and the Smashing Pumpkins, and his own project, the LA based Maven.

Douglas collaborated with Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode) for the second Recoil Album ‘Unsound Methods’, but then left music alone while he studied film, and design in Cambridge, England. He moved back to London in 2000, where he works a director, and assistant director in advertising.

Then in 2002 Terence and Douglas decided to work together on a revolutionnary electronic project that brings together the souls of Douglas and Terence with music and voice.

David Carretta (fr) Space Factory/Gigolo
[ www.davidcarretta.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Since the emergence of Gigolo Records, on which he has signed the first reference in 1996, David Carretta is acknowledged as a mainstay of electro-techno that he contributed to create.

Far from elusive passions, the always unassuming and intuitive Carretta starts his own record label Space Factory.

A flawless course. This is simply what David Carretta has completed in electronic music since his beginning. A discreet and virtuous course. Too discreet? Undoubtedly. If today it is a mark of good taste to produce some electro-techno tunes, David is careful not to stick to the superficial and passing aspect of this phenomenon. For, our lad has not come such a long way to be seduced by the allure of elusive trend. Born in the paradoxical city of Marseilles where his influence was long ignored, he made his first step in the new wave music with the first synths and sequencers (Korg MS 10 and MS 20) and one of the first samplers (Ensoniq Mirage). Every prominent industrial and synthetic combos of the late Eighties and early Nineties: mainly Front 242, Depeche Mode, D.A.F. and Throbbing Gristle have influenced his first band, Art Kinder Industrie. During the very beginning of the techno movement in 1993, David released his first EP on Harthouse Records under the iconoclastic name of Calyptol Inhalant. It is a crucial contact with the German music industry towards which French producers who received his demo tapes inevitably oriented him. Settled in Toulouse at that time, David performed only some live acts.

Ascii.Disko (sp) Space Factory
[ www.asciidisko.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Daniel Holc’s debut album under the pseudonym ASCII.DISKO was released in 2003 on L’AGE D’OR to critical acclaim, including the UK’s DJ-Magazine’s “Album of the Month.” This lead to bookings which sent him throughout the world – from Korea, through Europe’s biggest cities, all the way to Mexico and back. ASCII.DISKO, either live or as a DJ, creates a rough but steady mix of Electro, Wave, Techno, Pop and Rock.

In the summer of 2004 the Hamburg native moved to Madrid, where he continues to live and work. After almost 3 years since his debut, his new album ALIAS is being released, now on the sublabel LADOMAT 2000.

The associations that come to mind with the new album tracks, from which there is already an EP “BLACK METAL” are clear. The music’s foundations are impossible to miss: from Heavy Metal all the way to Punk Rock. However ALIAS cannot be easily put into a clichéd category. It isn’t Rock that puts on electronic clothes for a day. The Rock was once there and could be characterized as a stain that you can’t get out anymore. Electro-Rock? Why? Above everything else, it is Techno that delivers every tenor, regardless of whether it is Electro or Rock, through Techno. You think you are hearing loud guitars, but are proven wrong as they drone on- they are heavy synths, carried by an ever pushing, untiring Bass Drum. Like BLACK METAL, the tracks switch every Rock element and push them to the limit like the indispensable cow bells and vocals that are reminiscent of the heyday of New-York-Noise that are subliminally integrated into the tracks. ALIAS is loud and sometimes soft at the same time. This transports the complexity and the personal nature of the album. ALIAS wants to be a contradiction, between the Rave that ASCII.DISKO is known for and the exclusiveness of Daniel Holc himself. BAPHOMET is a rough and dirty Rave number that brings is to the point: ASCII.DISKO is also “Filthy, Dark, Rough.” The calm within the album is most clear when the voice is warm, but as if almost retrained as a part of retaliation to the dominant sound in order to create a balance as proven in the track CLOSER – a slowly fractal track, like a drive through the dark night. Similarly in the track HEY, the Vocals don’t let themselves get easily impressed by the heavy Synths that feel like a bad hangover. ALIAS is more than pure club music – it is the connection between the calm that the artist emanates and the exuberance that is exuded in the places where his music is played loudly. ASCII.DISKO is a personal platform that uses an ALIAS to create a direct route to the dance-floor, where all emotions are unloaded. It contradicts an all-to-clean world and crashes directly into freedom, passion and indulgence. The music isn’t heady and that’s what it wants, yet it is never indifferent constantly.

Dj Mini (Mtl) Space Factory
[ www.djmini.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

DJ Mini was born in Rimouski, Québec. Soon relocated in the middle of Montreal's urban jungle, the young Evelyne Drouin slowly builds up a passion for the sounds of techno and electro. A versatile artist with as much experience in production than in mixing, in minimal than in breakbeat, in party nights than in artistic demonstrations, Mini makes giant steps in a lot of clubs and quickly imposes herself as an important figure of the Montreal underground. Her *Audio Hygiene* album created big waves, even reaching out to Quebec's usually electro-free mainstream media.

She has filled the Parking nightclub every Thursday for the past seven years with the help of many famous guests as the curator and resident DJ of the legendary Overdose parties. Those crazy nights have seen the likes of Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Ellen Allien, Tiga, John Acquaviva, Boyz Noize, Zombie Nation, David Carretta and Felix DaHousecat on the selector. Mini also helped tons of new Montreal DJs to get notice from the Montreal electro fans by inviting them to Overdose, that is now a reference in the province and even the rest of Canada.

Her collaborative spirit made her work with the Lesbians on Ecstasy, produce and receive tons of high quality remixes. Gathering various honors from Québec's alternative press, regularly cited in the yearly Best DJs and Best Parties Top 10s, DJ Mini was declared third biggest influence on Montreal's nightlife.

Recently signed on David Carretta's label Space Factory, she was remixed by M. Carretta himself and Ascii Disko for her last *Chronicles* EP. Next big step: a second album, planned for 2010!

Jordan Dare (Mtl)
[ www.jordandare.com ]
Room 1:
Ascii Disko (Spain, Madrid) (Electro)
David Carretta (France, Drôme) (Electro)
Fixmer MacCarthy (United Kingdom, London, London) (Electro)
DJ Mini (Electro)
Jordan Dare (Electro) - Turbo Recordings
Mini - www.djmini.com
Billets:26.00 - adv
31.00 - doors
Extras:For more informations on the festival visit us online at
[ www.festival-kinetik.net ]

for information on tickets/passes, visit the Kinetik Festival online store at
[ www.festival-kinetik.net ]

you can also find us on facebook at
[ www.facebook.com ]

or on myspace
[ www.myspace.com ]

Others nights of the festival :

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May 14.Phase 3-Hars Indust/Noise Night @ Usine C
COMBICHRIST [US] / Absolute Body Control [BE] / Alien Vampires [IT]
Decoded Feedback [CA] / Synapscape [DE] / FGFC 820 [US]
SAM [DE] / Komor Kommando [CA] / Edgey [US]
Iszoloscope [CA] / Aliceffekt [CA]
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May 15.Phase 4-Hars Indust/Noise Night @ Usine C
Hocico [MX] / Dive [BE] / Tactical Sekt [US/UK]
Hypnoskull [DE] / Ambassador 21 [BY] /Terrorfakt [US]
Destroid [DE] / Nachtmahr [AT] / FabrikC [DE]
Memmaker [CA] / Ivardensphere [CA] / Torrent Vaccine+Synnack [US]
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May 16.Phase 5-EBM/Synthpop Night @ Usine C
Covenant [SE] / Rotersand [DE] / Melotron [DE]
Frozen Plasma [DE] / Faderhead [DE] / Lights of Euphoria [DK]
Run Level Zero [SE]/ Unter Null [US] / Cesium 137 [US]
Fractured [CA]/ Glenn Love [CA] / Detroit Diesel [CA]
[ www.rave.ca ]

tickets/passes will be available in Mtl/Qc stores at the end of January
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only 2 days left (change happening on march 13)before the next price change on tickets and passes! buy them now before there`s none left :)
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Tickets are now on sale at / Billets maintenant dispo chez: Moog Audio (tix only), Atom Heart (tix only), Usine C (tix only + extra fees), Admission (tix only + extra fees), Psychonaut (tix + pass), Cruella (tix + pass), Platine (tix + pass) :)
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les billets seront en magasin apres le 18 février :)
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