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Calendrier des événements - January 30, 2010
Ballistic [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Temps:Sat 30 Jan, 2010 @ 8:00pm till Sun 31 Jan, 2010 @ 2:00am
Description:This January 30th, Shocker Productions demands that you...


Front : [ i815.photobucket.com ]
Back : [ i815.photobucket.com ]

Dr. Ugs and D-Mize are gonna start the year off right by proudly bringing you the Shocker Productions debut party. Get ready to throw down, and get a little crazy. Our hard sounds will have your ears bleeding, and our lasers will burn your eyeballs right out of your skull.


DJ Joe Rowe vs. TTL [ ] GBH Records, DFF, Sounds CRMNL] - Hardstyle

Sarcastro [ ] [ DnBNoize.com ] - Drum N' Bass

Lazirus [Dreamscape Productions] - U.K. Hardcore

D-Mize [Shocker, HTRB] - Gabber

Dr. Ugs [Shocker] - Hardcore

M@ [Free Agent] - Classic Cheese!

-------------------------------------------------- -
Joe Rowe - [ djjoerowe.com ] GBH Records, DFF
-------------------------------------------------- -
The man behind Ottawa's longest running Hard Dance night DFF, and co-promoter of Recognition 2009, Joe has played countless shows all over Central and Eastern Canada, including gigs at some of the worlds top venues, Circa & The Guvernment. Don't miss this 2 time DJ comp winner as he squares off versus TTL for a special extended Hardstyle set.

Mixe: [ djjoerowe.com ]

-------------------------------------------------- -
-------------------------------------------------- -
Known for bringing the energy of any event he plays at, to soaring new heights. With his unique mixing style, track selection and devotion to his audience, TTL is able to bring his listeners on an auditory journey. Exploring sound with his own blend of Minimal Techno, House, Breaks, and dance floor destroying bass lines. TTL has also performed in major cities across Canada such as Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. He has a love for the music, that words just don’t do justice. Make sure not to miss TTL as he rocks Ballistic.

Mixe: [ bassbyte.com ]
-------------------------------------------------- -
Dr.Ugs - Shocker Productions
-------------------------------------------------- -
Hardcore. Just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Ugs is set to give you your recommended daily overdose of ear bleeding, teeth grinding hardcore.

-------------------------------------------------- -
Sarcastro - [ Bassdrop.ca ] [ DnBNoize.com ]
-------------------------------------------------- -

Sarcastro was introduced to the hair-rising sounds of drum and bass in the late 90's and soon afterward was listening to it 24/7. To the horror of his neighbours, he began buying bigger and bigger speakers to get his fix, eventually grabbing a set of decks . Now with a few gigs under his belt and his weekly radio show (longside Woblz, MC Caesar & guests) approaching its second year on the UK-based [ DnBNoize.com ] he's been working hard to make his mark . Leaning towards the darker/heavier end of the drum and bass spectrum, expect big things from this junglist.

Mixes: [ bassdrop.ca ]

-------------------------------------------------- -
D-Mize - House that Rave Built, Shocker
-------------------------------------------------- -
Over 10 years under his rave belt, and an alumnus of the legendary 'House That Rave Built', D-Mize is armed with earth shattering Gabber cannons loaded with upfront, classic, and exclusive productions designed to rock the dancefloor.

Mix: [ djmix.ca ]
-------------------------------------------------- -
M@ - Toronto - Free Agent
-------------------------------------------------- -
Cheese. With his amazing collection of rare vinyl and tracks so sweet you'll need dental surgery, M@ is guaranteed to leave the dance floor in a state in insulin shock and amazement.

-------------------------------------------------- -
Lazirus - Dreamscape Productions
-------------------------------------------------- -

Rocking the decks and dance floors around the rave scene for the past four years, Lazirus is set on showing Canada what U.K. is all about and you can be sure it will be HARDCORE!

Mix: [ www.rave.ca ]

__________________________________________________ __________
Things to expect:
__________________________________________________ __________
- Massive sound.
- Crazy Lights and deco.
- Amazing EDM vibe.
- ♥Cheap drinks at the bar for everyone 19 +♥

16+ & 19+ Bar area.
Photo ID Mandatory for all.
24h bus service on Route 95

Tickets available at NormL Clothing (184 Rideau Street)
$10 Advance, More at the door.

Out of town guests can reserve a $10 ticket by e-mail with their full name and city of residence (I.D. proof of residence required at pickup)
Billets:10.00 - More at the door
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Events Calendar - January 30, 2010
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