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Project V [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Temps:Sat 26 Apr, 2003 @ 12:00am
Description:As time moves forward and the face of the underground changes, a resistance arises from the ashes of the city and prepares to make war upon those who would keep us down. The time of rebellion is upon us, and now the battleplan is revealed. This will be our largest event so far. The question: Are you with us, or against us?
Room 1:
Cid K (Canada, Quebec, Montreal) - www.djcidk.com - Vortek Records, Pressplay Record
Doc Savage (Canada, Quebec, Montreal) - www.synergyraves.com - SynergyCanada
Lenny Dee (USA, Iowa, New York) - www.industrialstrengthrecords.com - Industrial Strength Records
Slammer Virus Band (Canada, Quebec, Montreal) - www.slammervirus.com - Repent Tokyo Records
Tamerax (Canada, Quebec, Sherbrooke) - www.tamerax.com
Taze-N-Tyrone (Canada, Quebec, Montreal) - Synergy
The Middle Man (Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver) - www.synergyraves.com - Synergy Collective
Bobby Timken - www.freelanceonline.net - FREELANCE ARTIST & EVENT MANAGEM
Brian Blommesteyn
Chakra V
Davy John Pacheco
DJ Hashek
Double Deckah
Fil-E Blunt - www.iam-networks.com - teknoturtle.ca, Nuskoolbreaks.co
Graham J - www.xvi.com
Mike James
Informations:Tons of free stuff to be given away over the night, including
-Shirts and Tees from Norml Clothing
-Gift Certificates from Functional Records
-CDs and promos from Industrial Strength Records
-Tons of Glowsticks and flashy shit
-Star Memberships from [ XVI.com ]
...and much much more!
Extras:20$ in advance
30$ door
Added:Sat 26 Apr, 2003 @ 12:00am by » Optimist_pRhyme
Events Calendar - April 26, 2003
33 People Attending [ Hide User Images ]
Commentaires des membres
» exT a dit @ Tue 29 Apr, 2003 @ 8:32am
lenny dee blew my f'ing mind!!!
» Nuclear a dit @ Mon 28 Apr, 2003 @ 1:45am
Am I not allowed to goto an ottawa party?
» daFTWin a dit @ Fri 25 Apr, 2003 @ 2:54pm
noah why are you going?