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So, Rave.ca Is 20 Years Old?
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» M-A-X a répondu le Mon 7 May, 2018 @ 6:39pm
Coolness: 119910
Any party planned to celebrate this? Something like...old school maybe, hehe.

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I'm feeling summer right now..
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» Insomniak a répondu le Sun 8 Jul, 2018 @ 6:49pm
Coolness: 35775
So I guess Facebook killed forums?

I never did join that trash site.

What a long strange trip it's been.
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» Nuclear a répondu le Wed 1 Aug, 2018 @ 8:51pm
Coolness: 2602260
Sure party on the mountain :P
I'm feeling nuclear right now..
So, Rave.ca Is 20 Years Old?
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