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Anishnabe Festival 28, 29, 30, August, 2009
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Back to earth for a big thank-you!

I wanted to thank all those who helped this event happen, the performers, the volunteers, the attendees!

A special thanks to Jessi, Justin, Tara, Sean, Will, Mark & Amanda, Patrick, Simon, Coleen, Pete(s), Tyler, Gab, Jonny and Alison for making this happen. Although we were burdened with a Friday night rain shower, we were able to get the near perfect vibe on Saturday Night/Morning.

Apart from a few minor occurrances the event went very well and we look forward to next year's event!

Thanks everyone for your help, i know it can be difficult at times.

Sorry if I forgot anyone.

I'm feeling fantastic right now..
Anishnabe Festival 28, 29, 30, August, 2009
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