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Samadhi Open Air Festival Sept 1st
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» Purple_Lee a répondu le Mon 4 Sep, 2006 @ 10:49pm
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Location: This was a wicked location for an event. The reason I say this is that there was tons of spot for you camp in the shade of the forest. The two different dance areas where on two different levels so no sound mixture.

Music: Friday night was fun, for me Saturday night was pimp music( I am not saying that the dj sucked), just was not in the mood for prog & electro for most of the night, And Sunday night was wicked(tear your head off music…shame that so many left because of the rain)

Peeps: meet a lot of really nice people from Ottawa and Toronto

Bathrooms: disgusting…next time you might want to get them emptied @ sometime during the event

Have to thanks all that came and stayed till the bitter end. Thanks goes out to Dave for pulling out our car out of the ditch. Thanks goes to Stan for the drops of sunshine he brought to us

Even with the rain I still had fun

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Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» tranceinmypants a répondu le Tue 5 Sep, 2006 @ 2:36pm
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Oh my word..I will not forget this stroke of luck (& thanks 2 david@ganesha 4 the draw), being there was magical.. thanks to everyone who went, all marvelous people! the prog was not my thing (excluding jaia of course! XD) but sundays psy more than made up for the rain in my books. Truly a unique energy I found, Im already dreaming of next year ~ peace
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Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» eatingownbrain a répondu le Tue 5 Sep, 2006 @ 2:54pm
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4 days are better than 3 :) perfect event to close the season of outdoor festivals! i had sooooooo much fun and the vibe was like being with family. the music was different from most of the psy-events this summer (more variety) which built up into the last night of insanity...and then fria kicked my ass! thx to everone who made this happen, vous etes forts! (and yes, thx to dave for saving our ride!) see you all at the next one!
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Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» BomBolenath a répondu le Tue 5 Sep, 2006 @ 7:22pm
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All I can say is wow. I had the time of my life. I agree that the music on the 3rd night blew my mind, but it was awesome the whole time. The rain added a certain sense of primal community as we huddled around the fires to dry our sock n shoes n stay warm. see you all at samadhi 2007!
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Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» Erzsebet a répondu le Fri 6 Oct, 2006 @ 12:38am
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Thank god Jaïa was there!!!
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Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» AYkiN0XiA a répondu le Sun 8 Oct, 2006 @ 3:45pm
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c'était magique & merci! :)
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Samadhi Open Air Festival Sept 1st
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