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Title:A little something
Posted On:2009-11-30 10:06:02
Posted By:» mechanical27
I sit here
on the rooftop
its night time , midnight.
everyone is asleep... well not everyone.
there's light coming from the house in front of me .
guess they're watching a movie
or porn.
depends i guess.
I feel lonely
there's music in my ears , its soothing
suddenly i forget about life and its problems
i look at the few stars that are available
so far yet .. i feel a connection
wind is going through the trees , I feel a little breeze
feels nice
nothing happens
the wind
i close my ipod to listen to my environment
ever done that?
have you ever really listened?
not many people have
too busy with life i guess
too bad for them .
it helps you feel
feel alive .
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