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waking up - part 2
Par » AYkiN0XiA concernant Tue 21 Feb, 2006
3 Commentaires
The phenomenal luxury and ease which materialism affords intrinsically incite the ego to take over the individual consciousness. The better off you are, the more you have, the harder it is to let go. Harder, that is for the ego to let go. The trap of ego is built into the materialist system and...
waking up - part 1
Par » AYkiN0XiA concernant Tue 21 Feb, 2006
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Waking up in Middle Time with its bleak reports of natural disasters, terrorism, general irrationality of human behavior, and the human inability to change quickly enough and so adopt to the crisis it is now fully plunged into, you might rub your eyes and wonder about this rainbow vision at the end...
Par » FreshJive420 concernant Tue 21 Feb, 2006
1 Commenter
Don't Worry...Be Happy... random accapella song? or annoying tune commin out of a rubber fish on the wall? or maybe its the smartest thing anyone has ever said!!! why are you mad, why are you worrying...is it helping...I know you think it does, and I know you think you'll feel better...maybe you'll...
whats the deal with penguins
Par » theCatsAss concernant Thu 9 Feb, 2006
6 Commentaires
Seriously now people, you cant be falling for this. Look at your average penguin, most of you think cute and cuddly.Not So. They are the picture of true evil. They walk around with their "look at me, im a bird that doesnt fly, hrr hrr hr im so coool" but they are not. I've been studying these...
You Gotta Know When To Walk Away...
Par » trashandsuicide concernant Tue 7 Feb, 2006
7 Commentaires
This little rant has been spinning around in my all too active head for quite some time now, and I'm not entirely sure if it bears being brought into solid form right away, but I figure, hey, I should get this off my chest. If for no other reason then to let some of this stuff out of my head. So...
Par » AYkiN0XiA concernant Wed 1 Feb, 2006
4 Commentaires
Fundamentally, technoshamanism is the process of using music, ritual, and technology to alter consciousness. It utilizes the healing and mind-altering techniques of ancient shamanism and the holistic ideals of mind/body connection combined with modern technologies. Terrance McKenna, a contemporary...
dancing; in search for consciousness
Par » AYkiN0XiA concernant Sun 22 Jan, 2006
3 Commentaires
The passage of the form to the dance In the movements coordinated of up to three or four minutes of duration the fundamental elements are condensed; it is to say to the different positions and movements from each one of the corporal segments. Therefore they can be repeated according to concrete...
Self-Liberation Through Seeing With Naked Awarness
Par » RAD concernant Tue 17 Jan, 2006
2 Commentaires
The nature of the mind is like a mirror which has the natural and inherent capacity to reflect whatever is set before it, whether beautiful or ugly; but these reflection in no way affect or modify the nature of the mirror. It is the same with the state of contemplation: There is nothing to correct...
rabble rabble rabble
Par » FreshJive420 concernant Sun 8 Jan, 2006
3 Commentaires
I'm Confused..why is everyone i know going through the exact same thing.....we're all tired...restless depressed, yet we smile every day, the past is slipping away and the scary unknown future is upon us, time to do stuff you don't wanna do, time to stop doing the stuff you love to do....why? cuz...
Lever vos manches il faut travailler
Par » m4xom4x concernant Sat 7 Jan, 2006
2 Commentaires
Pour faire suite aux commentaires reçu concernant l'article; "même la modernité devient obsolète", parue le 2006-01-02, je présente le feedback suivant: Je suis d'accord avec certains d'entre-vous. Il faut s'arrêter, prendre un peu de recule et faire le bilan de la condition de l'humain sur...
the real Kali, Mama
Par » moondancer concernant Fri 6 Jan, 2006
4 Commentaires
Goddess Kali Ma - Liberator of Souls - Destroyer of Negativity The Goddess Kali Ma is the supreme feminine manifestation of compassion as she frees us from the prison of our own ego. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The name Kali derives...
même la modernité devient obsolète
Par » m4xom4x concernant Mon 2 Jan, 2006
3 Commentaires
Le résultat des changements climatiques nous démontrent que le réchauffement de la Planète n'est pas de la science fiction mais plutôt la nouvelle réalité de notre 21e siècle. Plusieurs parties de la Planète sont directement touchées par ce phénomène et d'autant plus, des êtres humains...
Une continuité au lieux d'une fin
Par » Fonzy concernant Fri 23 Dec, 2005
3 Commentaires
Pourquoi croire en une continuité au lieux d’une fin de l’existence au moment de la mort? Pour l'interprétation populaire ça serait la « vie » après la mort. Mais qu’est-ce que ça peut nous apporter de bon à nous, humains, de croire en une vie après la mort? Une question que beaucoup...
On The Rave Culture As A Basis For Deviant Behavior
Par » Plan-C concernant Wed 23 Nov, 2005
15 Commentaires
So after seeing noah on saturday and telling me that I should post the paper I'm writing for my sociology of deviance class I decided hell why not? here it is? enjoy... or not. I assert that rave culture constitutes a deviant subculture as its participants are often in conflict with dominant...
Le bonheur ...
Par » Lunna concernant Tue 22 Nov, 2005
7 Commentaires
Le bonheur ... On se persuade souvent soi-même que la vie sera meilleure après s'être marié, après avoir eu un enfant et, ensuite, après en avoir eu un autre... Plus tard, on se sent frustré, parce que nos enfants ne sont pas encore assez grands et on pense que l'on sera mieux quand...
P.L.U.R. ‚ Dumbass
Par » trashandsuicide concernant Thu 17 Nov, 2005
8 Commentaires
We all know the origin of PLUR, love it or hate it. Use it as your own personal life philosophy, or dismiss it as new wave hippie bullshit. That choice is up to you. Peace Love Unity Respect According to the popular story, the phrase was coined by Frankie Bones. According to legend, a fight...
Paul Verhoeven for Harry Potter VII?
Par » Seabee concernant Tue 8 Nov, 2005
7 Commentaires
Paul Verhoeven for Harry Potter VII? Author J.K. Rowling, has hinted recently that the last of the Harry Potter movies may very well end up being directed by Paul Verhoeven (Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Starship Troopers...). The fact that the fourth cinematographic installment of the Harry...
Unité Du Monde: La Parabole De l'Océan
Par » anima concernant Thu 20 Oct, 2005
4 Commentaires
"La conscience universelle est souvent compararée à l'océan: une masse fluide, indifférenciée, et la première phase de la création correspondrait à la formation de vagues. Une vague peut être considérée comme une entité individuelle, et pourtant il est évident que la vague est...
The Trick of That Dating Thing (Mostly Aimed at Males)
Par » trashandsuicide concernant Tue 11 Oct, 2005
3 Commentaires
This is a slight commentary on the "Being Twenty-Something" Article. With more specifics of being twenty-something and dating (and partying). I thought I had everything figured out last year. I was marrying the woman I loved, sure I was only in my early 20s, but who cares? When something's right...
Contrat Proposé Aux Humains
Par » anima concernant Fri 30 Sep, 2005
12 Commentaires
Peu importe vos croyances ou vos idées politiques, le système mis en place dans votre monde libre repose sur l'accord tacite d'une sorte de contrat passé avec chacun d'entre vous, dont voici dans les grandes lignes le contenu : 1) J'accepte la compétition comme base de notre système...
All The Way Up To Infinity?
Par » cinderella_soul concernant Thu 15 Sep, 2005
3 Commentaires
Well if we keep going this way, we'll just keep going deeper into Hell. Hell is a state on earth. A state that can be changed, a state that need not be permanent as if we had to go on suffering in it infinitely as if it were the right thing to do. I haven't read Dante's Hell in its entirety, but I...
A Discourse on Darkfic
Par » elixireleven concernant Thu 8 Sep, 2005
1 Commenter
DISCLAIMER: This article was originally posted to Medici's livejournal; a Harry Potter fan resource with leanings toward the dark fiction writing genre, alongside the DarkOnes livejournal community. It ain't got nothing to do with raving, raves, or drugs (unless you're writing while tweaked out). As...
la légende de greenfield park
Par » AYkiN0XiA concernant Tue 30 Aug, 2005
8 Commentaires
si vous habitez à greenfield park, ceci peut être un choc pour vous. mais comme je détiens la vérité irréfutable, je tenais à la partager avec vous tous. alors voici; greenfield park n'existe pas vraiment. c'est une illusion qu'on se fait. et les habitants de greenfield park sont les gens...
Elektra Festival 2005
Par » Czarkastik concernant Fri 6 May, 2005
0 Commentaires
Elektra enters their sixth season this year with a series of presentations, including performances by influential electronica acts Autechre, Scanner and Front 242, running May 10 through 15 at various Montreal venues (http://www.elektrafestival.ca for complete program). Elektra founder and artistic...
deja poo
Par » FreshJive420 concernant Sat 30 Apr, 2005
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this is sooooo bad... we're just goin around in circles... think about it... When you're 4, its an achievement when you don't poo on yourself. When you're 10, its an achievement when you have friends. When you're 16 its an achievement when you get your driver's license. When you're 18 its an...
Par » anima concernant Sat 11 Dec, 2004
2 Commentaires
Une transe est un type particulier d’état dissocié. C’est la façon habituelle dont l’esprit sépare les événements se déroulant en même temps, comme conduire tout en écoutant la radio. Avec une transe profonde, il y a davantage de concentration, d’intensité. Une transe est toujours...
Par » anima concernant Sat 11 Dec, 2004
0 Commentaires
Le terme « psychédélique » est apparu dans la correspondance entretenue durant les années 50 entre deux pionniers de l’étude des drogues psychoactives : Humphrey Osmond, un psychiatre britannique qui a étudié l’effet de la mescaline et du LSD sur des alcooliques au Canada, et Aldous...
to all children
Par » AYkiN0XiA concernant Thu 21 Oct, 2004
0 Commentaires
The time of the Great Awakening is come. You who have chosen to lift your eyes from darkness to the light are blessed to see the event of a new day on planet Earth. Because your heart has yearned to see real peace where war has reigned, to show mercy where cruelty has dominated, and to know love...
The Unfound Art of the Slash Shipper
Par » elixireleven concernant Mon 18 Oct, 2004
0 Commentaires
A Discourse on Shipping, Slash and Fanfic in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter It begins simply by stumbling over a few mildly erotic pieces of art depicting in detail the much loved characters from movies or literature that have found their way into the vaults of fan fiction and fan art. At...
Robin Pen's Critical Embuggerance
Par » Belldandy concernant Wed 21 Jul, 2004
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Robin Pen's CRITICAL EMBUGGERANCE The Evil Empire The Lion King is perfect, I mean really perfect. You can't get much more perfect than The Lion King. The Lion King is fucked, I mean really fucked. You can't get much more fucked than The Lion King. The Lion King is fucking...
Urge to Merge
Par » PoiSoNeD_CaNdY concernant Wed 3 Mar, 2004
2 Commentaires
When a child is still in the womb, there is no seperation between self and other. The ego does not exist. There is nothing but peace, universal belonging, and tranquility. Can we recapture this feeling? Prisoners of our egos, our individual subjective experiences erect boundaries between the self...
Info Style
Par » djCasTproS concernant Mon 16 Feb, 2004
1 Commenter
Y a pas à dire, le jargon de la musique électronique, c’est comme le Japonais : non seulement les termes semblent incompréhensibles, mais de plus, ils ont souvent plusieurs significations... Voici donc, à l’intention des néophytes, un petit lexique sans prétention qui devrait éclaircir...
Come Together
Par » Belldandy concernant Thu 5 Feb, 2004
0 Commentaires
A very good friend of mine has recently equated the rave scene that we are expanding and creating, to that of the hippie scene of his day. I was intrigued and inspired to understanding that we as the youth (or the young at heart) are pioneers for a new way of exploring old ideals. I use “ideals...
Hardcore's Last Will and Testament
Par » Belldandy concernant Thu 5 Feb, 2004
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This is hardcore's last will and testament, recently discovered by DJ Hixxy down the back of a speaker left ten years ago in Sussex. I, HAPPY HARDCORE, do make public and declare this to be my last will and testament. Take it down, this is the last one. I hereby evoke all former wills, covenants...
Letter Of Concern
Par » Nuclear concernant Sun 14 Sep, 2003
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To whom it may concern, I am sending you this letter in regards to false claims against my roommates (Natacha Thibault, Megan Granville) and myself (Noah Gitelman) that too many people are visiting the apartment. According to Isabelle at the “Regie du Logement du Quebec” a tenant is allowed...
Why We Do It?
Par » Nuclear concernant Mon 11 Aug, 2003
2 Commentaires
The 21st century will be known as a time of discovery. Human beings are being bombarded with sciences that are becoming more complex, as well as dangerous. In the good old days, when most people thought about having a good time, they normally went out to a movie, bar or restaurant. The problem now...
My Horoscope
Par » Nuclear concernant Thu 3 Jul, 2003
1 Commenter
Born February 20, 1980, 6:35pm in Montreal The Sun is 1-1/2 degrees Pisces, which makes you very much a Pisces, since people born on the cusp of a sign have more characteristics of that sign than those born later on. You have a kind, loving, sympathetic nature, and feel for animals and people in...
A Letter...
Par » Belldandy concernant Wed 23 Apr, 2003
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I'm sending this to you thinking you're the promoter, if not, please foward it around! : ) I wonder why I've never been to a Renegade Legion event before, I wanted to attend Anabolic Frolic, but that was impossible at the time. I went briefly to BubbleGum! (3am to 7am), and what a sight it...
Good Times
Par » Belldandy concernant Wed 12 Feb, 2003
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The trip went incredibly well. At 11:40, when everyone was asleep in the house, we each took the first gram. We took the two other grams about 15 minutes later. Since we had not eaten for about 8 hours, the effects came on very quickly. At midnight I was feeling very obvious effects, and...
An Open Letter to Myself
Par » mindset concernant Wed 29 Jan, 2003
1 Commenter
unpleasant vestiges of your past have a promiscuous way of aimlessly appearing along the living track of your waking life. cold realtime signs of times when life's living left to love's languid disregard transforms a meaningful memory into an antiquated lesson. one could chose to hurt or...
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