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Bug Tracker - Set of the night. (Who was the best DJ)
Submited By:» Smartyz
Open Date:2009-01-09 21:00:00
Category:Addition Idea
Summary:Set of the night. (Who was the best DJ)
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Description:I just had an idea for the site. Do you think it would be a good idea to add an option in the party pages once the party is done so people can vote for their best performance? if there are 2 rooms then we could vote for both rooms. The results could be announced on the page of the party and in the DJ profile there could be a place marked the number of wins the DJ has. Like if DJ Nobody "won" 3 times then it'll say 3 times winner or something and maybe the parties marked besides. The thing is not to put down the ones that were less liked. It should only tell which one was liked the most. and this way promoters could see who the ravers like and the ravers could see who the other ravers like. Also, I think it would be a good idea to enable this option only to people who attended the event, people won't be able to vote if the weren't there. Reduce the chance of false results with people only voting for their friends...

It was just an idea that I thought interesting. Could be easier for the promoters to choose their future line up ;)
Assigned To:» Nuclear
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