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Bug Tracker - add an option to stop hijacking user keyboard
Submited By:» DynV
Open Date:2011-03-06 11:43:15
Category:Addition Idea
Summary:add an option to stop hijacking user keyboard
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Description:Please add an option to stop hijacking user keyboard ASAP! I use keyboard shortcuts a lot and some of your internal shortcuts interfere with my regular keyboard usage and I find that irritating.

But the worse part is when I get back to the text I was typing, it's GONE! So if you can't put an option to opt-out of keyboard take-over, at least add an option (or completely remove) the procedures that automatically clear text-boxes (check for double-posting server-side instead of that?).

It's *very* irritating to have to type something 3 times because you're used to shortcuts that there's no way to stop its functionality to be changed.
Assigned To:» Nuclear
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