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Bug Tracker - home/member/calenda/photo menu drops way to preemptively
Submited By:» cutterhead
Open Date:2009-07-11 11:36:52
Summary:home/member/calenda/photo menu drops way to preemptively
Reopen:To reopen this closed bug please post a comment on why you would want it reopened and then an option to open it will appear.
Description:its been annoying me for months . so here goes : how come MOUSE OVER the first thread in the forum, is mingled with the menu so closely that even if im about a centimeter down that menu bar on my screen (1200x1600), i click on the thread , and in an flash a menu drops and sends me wherever what was under the mouse from thoses menus ?

this is annyoing happens on many computers i worked on from, and gets even more anonying when your maxing out your bandwith and that jizz happens. lost of precious time its what it is.
Assigned To:» Nuclear
Member Comments
» Nuclear said @ Thu Oct 8, 2009 @ 11:52pm
i do not understand...