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Space Kat Productions
Space Kat Productions
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:» PoLkA-dOt [ROOT]
» Olivia

Who is Space Kat?
Space Kat is a is a small crew of sentient lifeforms hailing from the deepest regions of outer space. The Intergalactic Party Consortium (IPC) has deployed us on a mission to Planet Earth and we’ve chosen Montreal as our base of operations. We’ve been studying the party scenes of this planet for the past 5 years and we feel that we’re ready to share our knowledge and experience. We’ve seen some amazing parties in Montreal and now it’s time for us to help this planet catch up to the rest of the galaxy!

Our Mission Objectives
1 Connect
There is no greater force in the universe than the power of connection. Connection between individuals, connection between promoters, connection between scenes. It’s through these connections that we’re able to move our scene forward and keep it strong. Our first mission objective is to build and maintain these connections. Whether it’s with individuals attending our events or other promoters in the city we want to see more interaction, more cross-promotion, more unity. If we all help each other out we can do something really amazing in this city.

2 Experience
We believe that experiences can shape who we are both as individuals and as a scene. That’s why our second mission objective is to create the best experience possible at our events. We do this by focusing on two things:

-Details : Everything at a party affects the overall vibe. The theme, the flyers and the advertising, the lineup, the venue, the people. All these elements set the tone for the night and by paying attention to all the small details we can create an experience that’s truly over the top. This means interesting themes and flyers; new, clean, and safe venues; a wide range of artists and styles of music; and good marketing to draw in a diverse group of partyers.

-Interactivity: We’re the ones throwing the parties but it’s all of us that make them what they are. That’s why interactivity is another one of our focuses. Whether it’s big or small we think you should have a role in shaping our parties. One of our goals is to make every party we throw interactive in one form or another.

3 Share
This is our scene and we all play an important role in making it thrive. Our parties are for everybody. This is why our third mission objective is to do our best to share them with everyone and we do this in two ways:

-Cheap tickets: Let’s face it, most of us are broke. There’s so many parties going on in Montreal that it’s impossible to attend every party if the price isn’t right. We believe tickets should be as cheap as possible. We don’t support profiteering because it kills the scene and we manage our budgets properly so that no money is wasted needlessely.

-Local talent: We want to support as much local talent as possible. We try to do this by booking a wide range of local djs and making sure they’re all fairly compenstated. DJs aren’t the only artists in our scene so we call out to all other artists to setup kiosks at our events and share their art with the scene.
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