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Logic Vision Collective
Logic Vision Collective
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:» OtKun [ROOT]
Founded in 2009 by Otkun [Zenon recs], Logic Vision Records is the brainchild of music industry connoisseurs who share a refreshing and respectful love for intelligent dance music. LVR unifies a selected group of disc jockeys and producers, representing a unique cultural movement around the same concept: Psychedelic Music ! Big and powerful tribal beats always with an eye on the future and looking for new ways of expression and evolution of the label are the common factor of LVR. Based on progressive and dark sounds, we will also be a testing laboratory for new young producers to release their material.

The areas covered from LVR's headquarters are distribution, promotion, internet based marketing, recording studio facilities… a wide range of specialities that make LVR Productions a solid trademark synonymous of quality.



Logic Vision Bookings: we have been inviting the most exciting projects around the world in many of our events . LVR events from 2010 to 2013:

International acts:

Bluetongue (Adapted recs - Australia)
Bombax (Germany)
Blasted Bindi (Kamino recs - Israel)
Brujo's Bowl (Zenon recs - UK)
Dust (Looney Monn recs - Italy)
Electrypnose (2to6 recs - Swiss)
Foam (Looney Moon recs - Italy)
Fractal Phono (Zenon recs - USA)
Goosebumpz (Enig'matik recs - Australia)
Hypnagog (Up recs - Australia)
Kabayun (Looney Moon recs - USA)
Kalya Scintilla (Adapted recs - Australia)
Kashyyyk (Kamino recs - Mexico)
Le Druide (Fantazy recs - France)
Lunecell (Occulta recs - USA)
Mad Maxx (Nutek - France)
Mandelbrot (Zenon recs - Ontario)
Mekkanika (Nutek - Spain)
Menog (Spectral recs - Portugal)
Mental Extension (Up recs - Australia)
Merkaba (Zenon recs - Australia)
Mr Bill (MrBill Music - Australia)
Otezuka (Iono Music - France)
Otkun (Zenon recs - Morocco)
Primordial Ooze (2to6 recs - USA)
Psykovsky (OSOM - Russia)
Rastaliens (Wildthings recs - Germany)
Ryanosaurus (Perthlings - Australia)
Radioactive cake (Glitch Tonic recs - Germany)
Sick Addiction (Timecode - Portugal)
Sensient (Zenon recs -Australia)
Shehoor (Terrorlabs recs - France)
Simon Baring (Twisted recs - UK)
Smoke Sign (Zenon recs - USA)
Southwild / Rastaliens (Wild Things recs - Germany)
Terrafractyl (Up recs - Australia)
Tryambaka (Bhooteshwara recs - Portugal)
Zeitgeist (Glitchy Tonic Recs - Germany)



Logic Vision's Artists


Arkoxio (Morocco )
Blind-ox (Morocco)
Daroom (Morocco)
Dbabsyk (Morocco)
Dr Strangefunk (Canada)
Juxta POse (Australia)
Le Druide (France)
Mimic VAT's (Portugal)
OtKun (Morocco)
Psychephatix (Slovakia)
Spacey Koala (Canada)
Plasma Force (Canada)
Reactant (Australia)
Soursweet (Canada)
Shango (Canada)
ShrOOmix (Germany)
Sporangia (Australia)
Xnorophis (Canada)


Akshobhya (Canada)
Ankass (Greece)
Danin (Canada)
David D (Spain)
Daya (Portugal)
Der Denker (Canada)
Floaty (Germany)
Lyserg (Austria)
Kloud Nin9 (Canada)
Khalil (canada/belgium)
Kodama - Psygourmet (Canada)
Maxxi (Morocco)
Micro (Japon)
Mohinia (Canada)
Naaz (Morocco)
Nainita (Canada)
Naranaya (Belgium)
Obsidian (Canada)
Pranapapa (Canada)
Psydruid (Canada)
Umaga (morocco)
Transurfer (Canada)
Vezper (Canada)
Event Photos
Events [ 32 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2013-06-11     1    Temple Bass Ritual V3 : Frog Stomp
2013-05-09     2    Temple Bass Ritual V2 : Mysticism
2013-04-25     4    Full Moon Gathering V2 : Conceptual Dream
2013-04-06     0    Boom Shiva Freaks V1 (Psychedelic Blast)
2013-01-05     8    Chakra: Galactic Alignement 2013
2011-02-04     67   Spore 2012
Member Comments
» Soulslayer said @ Tue Jul 19, 2011 @ 12:33pm
Getting bigger and bigger ! Keep up the good job and moreover the great VIBE my friend.
» OtKun said @ Wed Jul 13, 2011 @ 8:28pm
First event: Spore v1 [ www.rave.ca ]