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OpenMind Festival
OpenMind Festival
Location:Canada, Quebec, Sherbrooke
Contact:» Adamda [ROOT]
Description:The core of the organisation behind OpenMind is composed of Philippe Bergeron, Steve Breton, Nathalie Champagne and Adam Taschereau. We have been organizing musical, artistic, environmental and spiritual events for now 10 years. During the past 5 years, we have produced more than 8 events near Sherbrooke. Among those events is the annual indoor event PsyMind; a celebration unifying arts, music, workshops and spirituality. In 2008 and 2009, a beautiful and deep friendship grew between us. United by unconditional live, the core of our organisation is build solid and ready for OpenMind 2011.

A solid team of about 12 members is merge to this core in order to lead OpenMind to it's success. To all of this is added about 50 motivated and passionated peoples to help realized the project according to OpenMind's vision.

Finally, OpenMind is the fruit of about 75 wonderful beings, motivated by their desire to share their time and energy to ensure the sucess of this common vision that we have together, which is OpenMind.

Infinite thanks to all, you're angels that we love !
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