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Ground Zero !!
Ground Zero !!
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:» cutterhead [ROOT]
Description:dj cutterhead production (nc) 2010


mostly occupationnal & professionnal field repair services (electrical electronical mechanical), moding , sound setup and maintenance ,
computer and laptop repair on spot , ground zero production focus on the perservation of vinyl mastering and recording , turntable and retrohardware and vintage equipment restoration and preservation as well as sound engineering and recording techniques boundary smashing.
and there is a lot more ground zero!! will do...

ground zero!! sound system
3 peavey cs 800w
2 univox 4x 12" in-phase coffins spk
1 4000w inverter mobile power
1 leader 35mhz scope
1 compressor expander
a good two dozen of classic game consoles and some few controllers
glitch hardware
2 technics sl-d1 used for ages personally(80s)
2 mixer (citronix & gemini pro676)
1 archer modified "spyder" swichbox
1 phone patching & transmitting gear for remote location recording or playing....

more to come eventually as i stay updated proactivly to have years ahead response time while i still can.

neko , hi-tek wizard technomancer aka cutterhead (nc) 2010 ground zero!! production
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» cutterhead said @ Fri Jul 22, 2011 @ 5:38pm
NEW GEAR ! including modified bridge 6 strings to a custom 9ner , and making custom analog effects pedals, fuzz&sooo much more