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Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:» Le_Druide [ROOT]
Description:Mechanimals is a Montreal-based collective which is dedicated to psychedelic music. It joins djs, producers & visual artists.

It's main objective consists of promoting free & open events, giving upcoming & already established artists a chance to expose & share their music & art.

The branded "Multiverse" events, which will all have a thematic and/or progressive nature, will allow participants to discover the numerous universes/dimensions that psytrance music provides -
downtempo, progressive, psytech, psybreak & experimental.

All of psytrance's magic is here; it's a vast & rich universe with unlimited/infinite creative potential.

As mentioned above, one of our priorities is raising the art & artists who are associated with us. Therefore, we invite all artists to enter the danse...

Send us your demo to: mechanimals.mtl@gmail.com

It will be listened to with great attention et objectivity.



Event Photos
Multiverse: Origin
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31 attending
Events [ 10 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2011-08-18     17   Multiverse : 1 Year Anniversary
2011-06-16     19   Multiverse: Arcturians System
2011-05-19     21   Multiverse: Pre-Mutation
2011-03-17     12   Multiverse: Polaris
2011-02-10     18   Multiverse: Merkaba
2011-01-13     21   Multiverse: Quasars
2010-12-16     31   Multiverse: Origin
2010-11-11     20   Multiverse: Secrets Of The Sahara
2010-09-16     16   Multiverse: Progmatix
2010-08-12     18   Multiverse
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