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Mushy Tea Productions
Mushy Tea Productions
Location:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Contact:» ImAFuckinNinja [ROOT]
Description:Up-Coming Events:

Ultimate RaverQuest

JUNE 5th-OTT-MaskARaver Ball

JULY 1st-OTT-A Very Merry Unbirthday

AUGUST 6th-OTT-FREE Magical Mystery Rave

AUGUST 27 TO & 28 MTL- Mushy Tea's 2nd Anniversary!

OCTOBER-OTT-Graver's Only

!!! Cheers to you from the MushY Tea Crew !!!

We’re proud to say we’ve been bringing you quality, exciting events since 2008.

We believe in organizing fresh, new experiences to Ottawa and surrounding areas. It’s our motto to not only throw parties ranging from candy making get-togethers, to all-night dance events but, also, nightlife experiences that are new, fun, and exciting for the scene! We don’t skip on details to unsure it is truly a quality, full-on adventure!
We’ve already dabbled in burlesque, give-a-ways, clothing and much more…

Past Events
Tease If You Please
Operation: Rave!!!
The Official Kandy Making Party (I, II)
The Beat Militia
Master of Swords
RAWR: Flinstones Attend a Rave
Festivus for the Rest of Us

DON'T BE SAD you missed our events, because we have more up our sleeves…
We're EXPANDING! Fr: Ottawa - Toronto and Rochester, NY

Next event planned is Ultimate RaverQuest happening MAY 15th in TORONTO, ON; lasers in the maze with music all-night long. ALSO, if you're in OTTAWA, you're in luck!

MASKED is being held JUNE 5TH; Don't ruin the surprise and keep you identity concealed !!!

Every event includes Live UV art from our MushY Tea Certified Artist, Pa!ge, GIVE-A-WAYS !!! and friendly, licensed security personnel… and, of course, music that’ll keep you happy all evening with hard, rockin’ beats that’ll get straight to your core.
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Synthetic Dreams
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131 photos
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Ultimate Raverquest
40 photos
8 attending
Events [ 13 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2016-07-13     0    Step_Out
2015-02-13     1    Nes Sessions
2014-11-29     1    Samurai Pizza Rave
2014-11-01     1    Samurai Pizza Rave
2014-06-28     1    East Vs West Coast Rave!
2014-02-14     1    Rave Royalty
2013-10-04     0    Zombie Disco
2013-08-30     1    Red Vs Blue
2011-11-18     1    Locally Grown: Magic Mushrooms
2011-04-24     4    Synthetic Dreams
2011-02-12     1    I : : Emoticon: : U
2010-06-05     18   Masked
2010-05-15     8    Ultimate Raverquest
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