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Fizkaz Productions
Fizkaz Productions
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:» fizz [ROOT]
Description:The story officially started in Montreal in 2008, and, in 2012, the organization left canada to go back in Europe.

\\\ International Artists we booked in Montreal ///
► Aerodremme (Canada - Tribal vision records) (2010)
► Astronivo (Israel - Tribal vision records) - 1st Time in N.A (2011)
► Brisker & Magitman (Israel - Tribal vision records) - 1st Time in N.A (2010)
► Delon & Dalcan (France - Boxer rec - Scandium rec) - 1st Time in N.A (2008)
► Dj Slater (Czech Rep -Tribal vision records) (2010)
► FM Radio Gods (Canada) (2010)
► La Baaz (Swiss - echoes records - kinkybeats / moostfiebr| ) (2010)
► Liquid Soul (Swiss - Iboga records) - 1st Time in North America (2011)
► Maxime Dangles (France - Kompakt records) - 1st Time in N.A (2009)
► Motion Drive (Swiss - Iono music) - 1st Time in N.A (2011)
► Olivier Giacomotto (France - Definitive recordings) - 1st Time in N.A (2008)
► Vibrasphere (Sweden - Digital Strucutre - Tribal vision records) (2010)


\\ Great Local Djs & Producers we loved to work with in Canada //

Andrei K (Destined to Live)
Anima (Djschool montreal, oui-r-1)
Digital committee (aka Banditos & Yankat)
Dj Akibel
Dj Mini (Space Factory- Moovment)
Dj Shankar (Tribal vision records)
Florian Msk (ITWM / 64 Hz)
Fm radio gods (Attitude recordings)
Hexa 5 (Timecode, Prism Code)
Ihy (Nass el rahil)
Nt Shanti (Oui-r-1)
Olivier Saint Germain (Attitude recordings, Noerg)
Omni (Akarien/Ghotiitout)
Philgood (inbeat)
Polyson (Akarien/Ghotiitout)
Rikam (Eclipse summer electronic music festival/Neurobiotic Records)
Roux soundsystem (Mirrorballs)
Sad Mafioso (Citizen records)
Tapwatr (Attitude recordings)
Tenzin (eclipse festival – noerg)
Yankat & Kasdal ( Cruzcontrol)
Yann (Tech Safari/Ultra Groove Records)
Ygriega (Iono Music, Oui-R1)
Zentrix (Digital Garden)

\\ Amazing video,art & desgin workers //

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Bxl aka Khalil
Davies Patrick
Duguay Jean-Francois
Marie-Michelle Ouellet
Vj Homing
Vj Nomik
Vj Otekun
Vj Soyouth

And big big big big thanks to the crowd, the followers and music passionate, we had a great experience here in Quebec!
For the best !
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