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Crazy wild productions.
Crazy wild productions.
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:» Reaper [ROOT]
» Djwolf
Description:Crazy wild Productions has been around for two years now. We have thrown parties that have been good and bad.

As the CEO of crazy wild productions. I am proud to announce that the company as been officially registered with the Canadian and Quebec government.

We through parties not for money, we are not going to lie and say that we don't need to make a profit to but what we really enjoy doing is. Bringing people together, to dance and to have a great time, to work with GRIP Montréal so teens and other young adults understand the dangers of taking drugs.

We have some of the best DJ's around, and some of best venues. So please come and Join us, and Join our family.

Thank you

Best regards.

CEO of Crazy Wild Productions.

Yannick Couture
Event Photos
Lynzyn 's Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash
29 photos
13 attending
Jenn Wild Birthday Party
80 photos
29 attending
Dine & Dance To Psy Trance
249 photos
71 attending
Crazy Summer Jam!
86 photos
26 attending
Events [ 7 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2009-04-17     4    Breaking The Silence 2009!
2009-04-03     4    The Beats Kick Off For Kids Help Phone
2008-05-23     13   Dine And Dance 2: Eat Your Psy Trance
2008-05-02     13   Lynzyn 's Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash
2008-03-15     29   Jenn Wild Birthday Party
2007-11-23     71   Dine & Dance To Psy Trance
2007-07-14     26   Crazy Summer Jam!
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