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Coco Entertainment Canada
Coco Entertainment Canada
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:» CocoET [ROOT]
Description:Coco Entertainment Canada was started by four friends with a dream in mind to provide the most exciting and spectacular night life events for electronic music fans by connecting music, djs, brands, fashion and party people all together. With Montreal constant growth of electronic music culture Coco Entertainment Canada concentrates on large club events to provide something new and exciting to Montreal partygoers. Coco Entertainment Canada also supports local talented artists by helping them get their name out with our strategic marketing expertise and other tools such as research of residency, labeled promotional mix releases, management and the chance to play with other world class artists. We also help different venues increase their visibility and profitability with a precise marketing strategy for nights that have more difficulties attracting the desired crowd by having our professional experienced promotional team work on key aspects and implementing new concepts to make sure the venue stands out. Coco Entertainment Canada provides a vast array of marketing opportunities for different brands by integrating their product into different events to increase their brand awareness and visibility.
Events [ 16 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2007-09-07     0    DJ Ibra + Samer K @ Club 1234
2007-06-22     2    Confessions with Nyan Narine @ Club 1234
2007-06-14     1    Michael Canitrot Love Summer Tour 2007
2007-06-07     1    Stonebridge
2007-05-04     3    Trancemission
2007-04-27     2    Gabriel Batz @ Taro
2007-04-27     1    King Louis @ Club 1234
2007-02-17     2    Chicago Love @ Taro Sushi Palace
2007-01-12     0    DJ Jung
2007-01-11     1    Juno Award Winner Hatiras
2007-01-01     0    Finity 2007
2006-11-24     0    Dj Faithfull (Mtl/Morocco/djfaithfull.com)
2006-10-20     2    Dj Faithfull (Morocco)
2006-01-01     0    Finity 2007
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