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Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Description:It all started back in 2005 when, after a couple of years of raving, helping out promoters, Dave decided to organize his first event called TwistedWave. Gathering information from other deejays, promoters and friends, Dave made a very varied line-up ranging from trance to psy to happy hardcore and freeform to drum n bass, he also designed his flyers, promoted all over the city and all the events he could attend with some help from his family, friends and the deejays booked for the partey.
TwistedWave went down on January 28th, 2006, with a huge success, over 200 people attended the event, and also this is the night when Dave’s deejaying carrier started.

Over the years he has collaborated with well known promoters Wally (Dj/Promoter) for the Fuck tha System events, Drixel (Dj/Promoter) for the first Festivus Eve event, ThePinkPopo for the Pirates of the Rave and the second edition of Festivus…

Dave’s events were all featured in the Hour thanks to Steve Lalla (Lalla Land, hour.ca) and in the Metro, Journal de Montreal and some others.

Keep on the lookout for future events at theravedave.com!

January 26, 2006
"Saturday, Jan. 28: Twisted Wave features some of the city's top purveyors of subversive electronic beats, including the hard NRG of Juniah and Doc Savage, Clown's finely tuned psychedelic tech trance, Galaksy and Axionfigga's jungle styles, Toltech's punishing schranz, and the unquantifiable madness of telepathic misfit Iznogood!"

June 15, 2006
"Rising underground party promoter Ravedave presents We Like the Bass Saturday night, uniting the electro sounds of Pat Davis and Axel Klein, the breaks of Thor and Fu Ancko, the d'n'b of Axionfigga and Galaksy and the techno style of Sarcastic ($15, info: 514-961-7091)."

January 25, 2007
"...while the troo ravers will be at Twisted Wave 3, where shitloads of local DJs, including Tipsy T, Clown, Somsay, Axionfigga and Galaksy, will converge in a metaspasm of techno, electro, d'n'b, trance, happy hardcore and more!"

February 15, 2007
"Sell-out attendances and great party vibes have ruled at recent afterhours jams, such as Raves R Us (Project Mayhem productions) and Twisted Wave 3 (Ravedave promotions)"

- Steve Lalla (hour.ca)

February 13, 2007
"Il y a par exemple Ravedave, qui organise plusieurs raves depuis l'année passée; il connaît des hauts et des bas, mais il se donne de tout coeur à la réussite de la fête pour les gens présents, et a toujours offert des soirées de qualité"

- Axel Klein
Event Photos
Boot Camp
183 photos
121 attending
Festivus-Eve '09
378 photos
89 attending
The Ravepirates Are Back!
339 photos
116 attending
Twistedwave 4
366 photos
165 attending
Festivus-Eve Still Rocking!
447 photos
82 attending
Pirates Of The Rave
182 photos
88 attending
Take that Sainte-Cath!
22 photos
17 attending
The New Rave
518 photos
126 attending
Festivus-Eve Rock Out!
325 photos
83 attending
Fuck Tha System: No Harder
352 photos
109 attending
Fuck Tha System: Time Bomb
180 photos
106 attending
Fuck Tha System: Resistance Shakedown
35 photos
75 attending
PpUuCcEe B-Day Jam
452 photos
143 attending
TwistedWave 3
613 photos
241 attending
We Like The Bass II: Back-2-Skool
125 photos
72 attending
We Like The Bass I: Skools Out
9 photos
46 attending
TwistedWave 2
52 photos
110 attending
94 photos
105 attending
Events [ 19 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2011-12-17     55   Festivus-Eve '11
2011-01-29     121  Boot Camp
2009-12-26     89   Festivus-Eve '09
2009-09-19     116  The Ravepirates Are Back!
2009-01-31     165  Twistedwave 4
2008-12-20     82   Festivus-Eve Still Rocking!
2008-09-20     88   Pirates Of The Rave
2008-07-12     17   Take that Sainte-Cath!
2008-01-12     126  The New Rave
2007-12-22     83   Festivus-Eve Rock Out!
2007-12-07     109  Fuck Tha System: No Harder
2007-11-16     106  Fuck Tha System: Time Bomb
2007-10-12     75   Fuck Tha System: Resistance Shakedown
2007-06-08     143  PpUuCcEe B-Day Jam
2007-01-27     241  TwistedWave 3
2006-08-26     72   We Like The Bass II: Back-2-Skool
2006-06-17     46   We Like The Bass I: Skools Out
2006-05-13     110  TwistedWave 2
2006-01-28     105  TwistedWave
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