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Disk Jockeys - Dj Turbo
Dj Turbo
Real Name:Yannick Couture
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Labels:Crazy wild productions.
Styles Of Music:Trance -> Goa Trance (1 total)
Techno -> Electro (1 total)
Trance -> Psy Trance (5 total)
House -> Progressive House (2 total)
Contact:» Reaper [ROOT]
Description:BIO OF DJ TURBO:

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DJ Turbo has always been interested in music, growing up with rock, metal and country. At the age of 6, he entered elementary in kindergarten. He sang and played keyboard. When he was in grade 3, he was diagnosed with a learning disability, but it didn't stop him from trying. Troubled and tormented by other kids in school, he still focused on the thing he loved; music.

Many thought he was very talented in his hobbies, like repairing computers. In grade 6, he had enough of the kids tormenting him with their insults and abuse, so he struck back and showed them what he could do! He would use keyboards and random instruments to make a wonderfu,l smooth beat. Afterwards, he realized he had talent and more importantly, passion for music.

He went into high school the year after with a goal: to show the school what he could do. He met a friend named Lawrences that would introduce him to a new style of music: techno. The curious teenager Dj turbo was, he researched and fell in love with it. He was well liked by many at Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, that is where he got his first dj name: DJ Beat. He mixed with techno, trances, house, tribal, etc.. Many didn't like him for his attitude, of being over protective of his friends, and others. No one would understand why he would hang out with people who were nobody's in the school. He just knew how it felt and liked talking to them. Unfortunately he got kicked out in grade seven for defending his friend Shawn who had a mental disability. He did homeschooling for about a year, and it made him realize that he wanted to be a dj, after that year passed, he skipped grade 8, and went to an alternative school in the West Island,and started mixing on his computer.

One day a guy named Zack, whom he met at school asked him if he wanted to go to a rave that his mother was producing. He was excited and he went, and there he saw turn tables and met some of the djs and explained that he always wanted to learn how to mix on tables. So after watching them all night he realized he has to try. He did so and realized that djing was made for him.

In 2007, he got the name DJ Turbo. He liked the name turbo, it explained him gave a good feel for his style. DJ Turbo's style is speed, he loves increasing the speed of the song, making people want to dance.

From a friend that heard him from the start:
To me, this DJ's style is aclectic and original. His beats speak openly about his undying passion for the music and beats he creates. With all the practice he gets I'm sure he'll make it to the top and kick all possible ass at anything he tries!!!! Best wishes to you hun, Keep practicing.

From a friend who has heard it all.

I just want to let everyone know, that you don't know style until you've heard this Dj break out a psychadelic beat. His mixes get my heart pumpin and my feet jumpin. I love psytrance, but when I heard Turbo mix I got hooked. He is now my mentor and has taught me most of what I know...I can't tell you all how lucky we are to have heard him mix..I love the energy and life, emotion and feeling he puts into the beats! I know you'll go far-Knock the roof down!
Best of luck

~DJ Sinfekted~
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] for you jenn, just a short track slowed down that you love by Dj Turbo a.k.a » ReaperA Cappella
4:51 @ 192kbps
6,973,568 bytes
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Furax by Dj Turbo a.k.a » ReaperTechno
6:18 @ 192kbps
9,073,186 bytes
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Godess of Psy trance (her first set tagin with Me by Dj Turbo a.k.a » Reaper
Tag between me and dj Sinfekted. Jenns first mix i think she did very well. there will be more tags between us to thinking of spinging together all the time once shes ready.
49:48 @ 192kbps
71,720,043 bytes
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Music of life by Dj Turbo a.k.a » ReaperUnknown
14:54 @ 192kbps
21,467,138 bytes
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Paradise of music track mix. by Dj Turbo a.k.a » Reaper
This is short track. mixed with traffic, and timeless.
A Cappella
5:30 @ 192kbps
7,925,261 bytes
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Psychedelic Love by Dj Turbo a.k.a » ReaperTrance
60:45 @ 192kbps
87,475,641 bytes
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Put the trance in Psy-Trance. by Dj Turbo a.k.a » ReaperTrance
60:04 @ 192kbps
86,485,078 bytes
Event Photos
Jenn Wild Birthday Party
80 photos
29 attending
Project P.L.U.R.
288 photos
103 attending
Dine & Dance To Psy Trance
249 photos
71 attending
Insomniacs On Crack Attack
383 photos
92 attending
Crazy Summer Jam!
86 photos
26 attending
Events [ 9 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2009-10-10     2    Turbo`s Birthday!!!
2009-04-17     4    Breaking The Silence 2009!
2008-05-23     13   Dine And Dance 2: Eat Your Psy Trance
2008-03-15     29   Jenn Wild Birthday Party
2008-03-07     103  Project P.L.U.R.
2008-02-01     4    Psychedelic Gum Drops
2007-11-23     71   Dine & Dance To Psy Trance
2007-09-28     92   Insomniacs On Crack Attack
2007-07-14     26   Crazy Summer Jam!
Member Comments
» Tits_McGee said @ Thu May 1, 2008 @ 12:14pm
industrial psy trance!!!!
» Ziggy101 said @ Wed Sep 26, 2007 @ 8:51pm
Your gonna rock the fucken roof off the house man!
» Reaper said @ Thu Aug 23, 2007 @ 12:09pm
Fuckin right first gig september 28th come check it out!