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Disk Jockeys - Matt Wood
Matt Wood
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Labels:Syntech Productions
Styles Of Music:Techno -> Ghettotech (1 total)
Trance -> Tech Trance (1 total)
Techno -> Acid Techno (1 total)
Contact:» MattWood [ROOT]
Description:4-4 dancefloor tunes with a psychedelic inclination. I usually pick up whatever catches my ear, and my ear tends to be caught by unique sounds, pretty songs, and acid riffs.

I have included tracks from the following artists in my mixes: DJ ESP, Gui Boratto, Marco Bailey, Nathan Fake, Johannes Heil, Thomas Heckmann, Ant, The Geezer, Chris Liberator, Perc, Trentemoller, Technasia, Cheshire Catz, Cirez D, Tilt, Dirty Bass, Dj Shiva, Alex Smoke, Dave Clarke, Green Velvet, Jesper and John Dahlback, K.N, Alex Under, Kevin Saunderson, Scandy, The Disco Brothers, Lazy Fat People, Vitalic, Darren Tate, Jamie Anderson, Douglas Greed, Cari Lekebusch, Jackrock, The Hacker, Les Visiteurs,Joff Roach, DJ Misjah, Cave, Marko Nastic, Lenny Dee, Basic Implant, MP-Nuts, Chris Binder, The MFA, MK Ultra, Valentino Kanzyani, Mathew Jonson, Cobblestone Jazz, Joel Mull, DrumComplex, Darc Marc, Double X, Tristy Nesh, Digital Witchcraft, Muz & Mann, Alter Ego, Agnes, Nutown.Project & K.Atou, Cluade Young, Adam Beyer, Dylan Drazen, Micah, The Geezer, Booka Shade, Fliter Headz, Mateo Murhpy, Justus Kohncke...etc.

I play vinyl, and I can contribute two tech12's and a mixer to any gig that needs it. If you are into any of the artists above and you have some wax (or CDJ's if you want to bring 'em) and want to jam, call me up j0! I'm new to Mtl. and would like to meet some headz.
[ Extra Information ] [ Download ] Machinedrums (2008 Demo) by Matt Wood a.k.a » MattWood
61:50 @ 192kbps
89,041,107 bytes
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Operation: Flower Shop
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Events [ 11 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2009-08-29     6    Lilah, Jay Bee, & Matt Wood
2009-05-23     0    Unsound: Lill Unseen, Groj, Matt Wood
2009-05-23     2    Unsound
2009-05-15     57   Operation: Flower Shop
2009-04-26     4    Resonance V.3
2009-04-25     2    Etch-A-Sketch
2009-03-29     5    Resonance V. 2
2009-03-04     10   Resonance
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