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Producers - Serious Porn Collector
Serious Porn Collector
Location:United Kingdom, London, London
Contact:» rawali [ROOT]
Description:Serious Porn Collector

Lek Black is the English Producer behind NRS, Serious Porn Collector, and one half of RAM. His highly unique style draws on many influences as diverse as punk, new
wave and acid house. He has received wide critical acclaim for his debut albums and compilations and is widely known for his banging night time sets. His style is dark, uncompromising and dangerous.


"Last Possible Solution" is the London based label launched last year in order to promote the exciting new electronic music currently being made by a handfull of English producers. Drawing on a mass of creative talent LPS aims to promote the real sound of the English Underground. Dedicated to keeping their sound fresh and evolving whilst maintaining a constant finger on the cutting edge of modern British dance music. Define dont copy!
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