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Disk Jockeys - Joe Rowe
Joe Rowe
Real Name:Joe Rowe
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Phone:819 743 1106
Labels:Zero Trance Collective, Kreotik,
Styles Of Music:Hardcore -> Hardstyle (1 total)
Breakbeat (1 total)
Contact:» DJ_Joe_Rowe [ROOT]
Description:DJ Biography

Real Name: Joseph Stephen Rowe
Handle: DJ Joe Rowe
Styles: Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Progressive Trance, Breaks, House
Pref. Gear: Tech 12's, Stanton RM400, Shure White Labels
Status: DJ/Promoter/Producer
Email: JosephRowe12354@hotmail.com
Phone: (819) 743 1106


DJ Joe Rowe started playing 3 years ago in St. John’s Newfoundland and quickly became a local favorite. After spinning for only 4 months Joe won the yearly Amateur DJ Competition at Liquid Ice, Newfoundland’s premier after-hours club. Once winning the competition bookings starting coming in all across the province, one of the most notable being the “Red Cliff Rave”, playing a 3 hour peak time slot for 1000’s of party goers at Newfoundland’s largest music festival Splash 2004. Another notable Newfoundland event was a mash-up event consisting of House, Breaks and Hip-hop at Laser Runner in Grand Falls, featuring internationally acclaimed recording artists Choclair and Spence Diamonds, with the beats for the late night being provided by our young prodigy Joe.

In recent years Joe has moved to Ottawa Canada, where he instantly made an impact as a serious talent in their local scene. A jack of all trades so to speak, Joe has had the opportunity to play almost all of the major venues in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, including Helsinki, MTL&C0, Maverick’s, Café Dekcuf, Lotus Lounge/Club Soda, Space, Buddha Bar/Lucky Lounge, Malone’s, Traffik, Paladium and many other raves and parties.

Other notable accomplishments for this young rising star include playing along side Global Deejays for nearly 1000 people at Montreal’s largest nightclub, The Dome. Joe was also mentioned in the 2006 Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy, an international magazine distribution that focuses on the trance scene of major cities around the world and their respective artists. Joe has also played along side 5-time DMC judge Matt the Alien and was the headliner for the first ever rave in Timmins’s Ontario, playing for a sold out crowd in a massive concert hall.

After a return visit to Newfoundland for Splash 2006 and a stop at Liquid Ice in the provinces capital, Joe helped manage a renegade stage at the World Electronic Music Festival in Tweed. “WEMF” is North America’s largest Electronic Music Festival. Teamed up with DJ’s from the United States, Joe helped entertain the masses for 3 days straight. Upon his return to Ottawa from the festival, Joe secured the title of UDDJ Champion. The UDance DJ Competition was the brain child of local Ottawa DJ/Producer/Promoter DJ Mania. The Concept? A three week invite only competition that not only judges DJ’S on mixing ability and track selection, but also overall stage presence, crowd interaction and showmanship.

Currently Joe is scheduled to play alongside Delta 9 and Rob Gee on the 2006 Demolition tour. He’s also got a number of shows coming up in and around the Ottawa area, and is hard at work fostering his fledgling production career.

Previous Gigs:

The Backlot Febuary, 2004 Corner Brook
Liquid Ice DJ Comp Round 1 April, 2004 St. John's
Liquid Ice DJ Comp Finals (Winner) April, 2004 St. John's
Grand Falls Community Center Rave June, 2004 Grand Falls - Windsor
The Gypsy Tea Room June, 2004 St. John's
Liquid Ice Afterhours June, 2004 St. John's
Lazer Runner w/ Choclair/Spence D July, 2004 Grand Falls - Windsor
Red Cliff Rocks (Splash 2004) July, 2004 Grand Falls - Windsor
CBTG's DJ's/Art Show July, 2004 St. John's
The Gypsy Tea Room July, 2004 St. John's
The Gypsy Tea Room August, 2004 St. John's
Liquid Ice Afterhours August, 2004 St. John's
Grand Falls Community Center Rave August, 2004 Grand Falls - Windsor
Unoffical Deko-ze After Party August, 2004 St. John's
The Backlot October, 2004 Corner Brook
Buddah Bar w/ The Coffee Man October, 2004 Ottawa
2nd Level Afterhours (Cancelled) November, 2004 Ottawa
Palladium Afterhours January, 2005 Gatineau
Timmens Rave Febuary, 2005 Timmens
Wired @ The Backlot Febuary, 2005 Corner Brook
Pallidum Afterhours March, 2005 Gatineau
2nd Level (Cancelled) April, 2005 Ottawa
MTL&Co. May, 2005 Ottawa
Traffik Afterhours June, 2005 Gatineau
Traffik Afterhours July, 2005 Gatineau
CHUO FM August, 2005 Ottawa
Re-Wired @ The Backlot October, 2005 Corner Brook
Boo! October, 2005 Grand Falls - Windsor
CHUO FM November, 2005 Grand Falls - Windsor
Traffik Afterhours December, 2005 Gatineau
MTL&Co. January, 2006 Ottawa
The Dome w/ Global DeeJays Febuary, 2006 Montreal
People Move @ Lotus Lounge March, 2006 Ottawa
People Move @ Lotus Lounge April, 2006 Ottawa
CHUO FM April, 2006 Ottawa
Getter Done April, 2006 Ottawa
Shake Dem Walls May, 2006 Ottawa
Elevation @ Helsinki June, 2006 Ottawa
For the People @ Club Soda/Lotus July, 2006 Ottawa
Breaks @ Dekcuf w/ Matt the Alien July, 2006 Ottawa
Liquid Ice Afterhours July, 2006 St. John's
Red Cliff Rocks (Splash 2006) July, 2006 Grand Falls - Windsor
Liquid Ice Afterhours July, 2006 St. John's
World Electronic Music Festival Renegade Stage July, 2006 Tweed
UDDJ Comp Round 2 July, 2006 Ottawa
The Ugly Iguana Courtyard July, 2006 Ottawa
Sundaze @ Mavericks July, 2006 Ottawa
UDDJ Comp Finals (Winner) August, 2006 Ottawa
Traffik Afterhours August, 2006 Gatineau
For the People @ Club Soda/Lotus August, 2006 Ottawa

Upcoming Shows:

People Move @ Lotus Lounge (Birthday Set) August, 2006 Ottawa
The Ugly Iguana Courtyard (Birthday Set) September, 2006 Ottawa
Demolition Tour w/ Rob Gee/Delta 9 October, 2006 Toronto
Demolition Tour w/ Rob Gee/Delta 9 October, 2006 Montreal


Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2006 - International Magazine Distribution
Dose Magazine - Global DeeJays Tour Coverage
The Canadian - Canada's New National Newspaper (Featured Canadian Music Artist)
The Telegram - Eastern Canada
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