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Bands - Belladonnakillz
Location:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Labels:dross:tik, tigerbeat6, industria
Styles Of Music:Jungle / Drum and Bass (1 total)
Contact:» belladonnakillz [ROOT]
Description:Ever since penning his 1st song at age 14, bella was hooked on hooks.
This love of songwriting eventually made him the principal songwriter of several bands
in his high school years. This experience also gave him the oppurtunity to compete
and eventually win several bandwars, which led to winning recording time.
After stepping into his first rave, bella's music became completely electronic.
Becoming heavily involved in the gabber and breakcore jungle scenes, he began passing
around demo tapes which eventually caught the attention of the legendary lenny dee, who
decided to release his music on the 4th installment on the seminal "industrial fucking strength"
compilations. bella also began performing all over north america and shared the stage with acts
such as venetian snares, hellfish, manu le malin, panacea and many more. His innovative
production and remixing landed him a track on the kniifehandchop "techno gaiden" vinyl which
was released on the tigerbeat6 imprint, and caught the attention of the world famous drum n' bass
producer panacea, who remixed two of his traxxx, both of which were in his dubplate top 10 for over
a year.
Belladonnakillz has crafted a style that defies all labels, and engages broad audiences. How
would music sound if you threw classical, pop, rock, industrial, punk and rave together?
There is only one way to find out. By listening to the belladonnakillz debut album, PERVERTED&PROUD.
Event Photos
Venetian Snares
6 photos
2 attending
Secret Society 2k4
342 photos
101 attending
We Are Slaves II
80 photos
126 attending
Diztorted Vizion
26 photos
39 attending
Friday the 13th vs. Valentine daze
39 photos
18 attending
Party D'noel - The Revenge of Satan Claus
146 photos
64 attending
Accelerated Culture
96 photos
60 attending
96 photos
30 attending
Events [ 14 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2005-06-25     1    Softkore VI
2004-11-06     2    Venetian Snares
2004-10-01     101  Secret Society 2k4
2004-06-18     126  We Are Slaves II
2004-04-30     39   Diztorted Vizion
2004-04-10     2    Easter of Terror
2004-02-13     18   Friday the 13th vs. Valentine daze
2003-12-26     64   Party D'noel - The Revenge of Satan Claus
2003-05-30     60   Accelerated Culture
2002-10-25     6    Go to Hell
2002-08-16     30   Slaughterhouse
2002-08-10     2    Contamination
2002-07-27     1    Bling The Noise
Member Comments
» Xor6 said @ Sun Dec 17, 2006 @ 8:41pm
LIVE ! he's f**Ing nice yo' !:P
» mAd-kiloZ said @ Sat Sep 4, 2004 @ 7:59pm
u should be missing montreal.... let [ neurotik.org ] know if u`ll b aroud .... would u mix?