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Disk Jockeys - Lenny Dee
Lenny Dee
Location:USA, Iowa, New York
Labels:Industrial Strength Records
Styles Of Music:Hardcore (1 total)
Description:Lenny Dee is a native of New York. He started his career in 1984 DJing in a local roller disco in Brooklyn NYC at the age of 17. Lenny Dee is recognized as one of New York's earliest Techno pioneers. His earlier music consisted of Disco, Electro-Body, High Energy and early House. Lenny furthered his career by collaborating with Techno legend Frankie Bones and the DJ / Producer team of Frankie Bones and Lenny Dee was born. The two Brooklyn born natives stormed through the UK'S dance scene with a style of breaks and pounding grooves that still influences Techno music today.

In 1989, Lenny's musical exploits brought him to Europe, which changed his direction once again. Lenny Dee's DJing career propelled him to be one of the most sort after International Techno DJs in the world. In a Time where DJs remained local for the most part, he became the number one international DJ in Germany, Scotland, France and Switzerland with his new sound: Hardcore Techno, a sound that he is still known for today.

In the 90's Lenny Dee was twice awarded the accolade of 'Best Worldwide Techno DJ' by the Scottish Dance Music Awards. Frontpage Magazine heralded him as 'International DJ of the Year' and he has received wide spread coverage in other dance music publications like DJ Times, MixMag, Musik and Mixer Magazine. Lenny Dee continues to DJ all around the world, having played in over 20 different countries and all across the USA - from Australia through Western & Eastern Europe and as far as Russia, Japan and Sth. America. He has performed at most big events including to over million people at the Love Parade in Berlin, Techno Street Parades in Paris, Switzerland and Hamburg, Mayday in Germany, Tribal Gathering UK, Woodstock 2000 NYC, and the Jane's Addiction Reunion Tour in NYC 1997.

Lenny Dee launched Industrial Strength Records in the U.S.A. in 1991, becoming the first Hardcore Techno label in the USA and one of the first on the world. His label has featured artists such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, The Mover, DJ Paul, Manu le Malin, Cirillo, Oliver Chesler and Nasenbluten. Today, there's almost 750 titles released on ISR and sublabel. ISR's music has appeared on over 550 compilations worldwide with sales on over 3 million CDs.

On a personal front Lenny's productions have always been diverse from his signature Hardcore to working with artists such as DJ Paul, DJ Dano, DJ Radium, Neophyte, The Horrorist, Manu le Malin, and many more. Lenny Dee has also recently joined forces with DJ Promo from Holland, owner of Third Movement records, to create a new label and new sound together: Industrial Movement, with tracks like "I Called You" and "Moment of Silence".

On the techno front, Lenny has completed releases with the infamous Chris Liberator and Darc Marc out now on the Liberator's underground label "Maximum / Minimum" as well as releases with The Geezer. Neuton in Germany have released the 99.9 remixes of the classic IST track featuring mixes by John Selway, The Horrorist and of course Lenny Dee's mix showcasing a Retro-Tek sound fusing techno with retro elements from Lenny's Disco roots.

Lenny Dee continues to be booked regularly for Hardcore and Techno gigs around the world. He will continue to bring pleasure to audiences worldwide by pushing back the barriers of electronic music.
Event Photos
Heroes Vs. Villains Feat. Dj Sharkey (London, Uk) & Lenny Dee (New York, Usa) !!
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Lenny Dee, Chris Liberator
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Hard as Fuck : World War V
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Hard as Fuck : The Gates of Hell
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Take Off 2
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Moon Kingdom
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Events [ 30 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
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2009-01-08     18   Lenny Dee, Ext, Merkurius
2008-02-09     64   A Month Before Going To Hell
2007-06-16     220  Hitched!
2006-09-15     2    Lenny Dee, Chris Liberator
2006-06-01     1    Lenny Dee, Alan Sax
2006-04-15     12   Industrial Strength
2006-04-14     78   Hard as Fuck : World War V
2006-04-13     33   Lenny Dee + Julian Liberator
2006-04-08     1    Lenny Dee
2005-08-05     6    Fuck The Prejudice 3
2004-11-27     176  Hard as Fuck : The Gates of Hell
2003-12-19     1    Fukkital
2003-04-26     33   Project V
2002-10-25     6    Go to Hell
2002-04-06     59   Fuck Off
2002-04-05     1    Lenny Dee
2002-01-18     14   Lenny Dee @ Episode
2001-08-07     21   Lenny Dee
2001-05-19     28   Take Off 2
2001-03-31     65   Moon Kingdom
2000-08-25     66   Klear-hize
1999-05-28     37   Adrenaline
1999-05-02     2    H-Bomb
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