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Bands - Autechre
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Description:Autechre, the famous Sheffield duo composed of Sean Booth and Rob Brown, will kick off Elektra as part of their North American tour launched to promote their latest album, Untitled. The plaudits and reverence with which Autechre have been showered throughout a fourteen-year-long career are simply the fruits of creative integrity and consistently fearless experiment. Not to mention an oft-overlooked playfulness and a rarely mentioned musicality. There is beauty in their music too; a liquid, alien exocita that's as sensual as it is scientific. Lagoons of intoxicating acid ambience shimmer decorously even amid the fury of their classic 1995 Tri Repetae album and beguiling, crystalline melody lines underpin even the most outre microchip demolition derby on more recent benchmark longplayers like 1998's LP5 or 2001's Confield. All of which sets the scene for their latest epistle, Untitled.
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2008-04-13     23   Autechre, Masonix, Rob Hall
2005-05-11     0    Autechre
1996-03-30     2    Mesmer
1994-03-05     2    Creativ'Lapse
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