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Disk Jockeys - John Digweed
John Digweed
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Description:The word "bedrock" holds two connotations. Literally, it is a solid mass of rock that lies underneath layers of loose, unconsolidated soil. Figuratively speaking, it refers to a basic principle, an irrefutable, fundamental idea upon which other thoughts and movements are derived. Whichever definition you apply, British DJ/producer John Digweed and his 10 year-old Bedrock club event have lived up to its implications. While lesser DJs bow to the whims of clubland fad and fashion, Digweed continues to stand as a reliable, steadfast pillar of dancefloor excellence. He brings the same douse of driving enthusiasm and inspiring innovation to his two-and-a-half year old residency at Manhattan superclub Twilo (where he reigns with Sasha) as he did to his first Bedrock events in Hastings more than 10-years ago, where he emerged as a fresh, young talent who mesmerized faithful audiences with his soul-stirring progressive dance tunes.

His resume of accomplishments makes his proteges swoon and his contemporaries nervous. He served as a resident at the northern club Renaissance during its early-to-mid nineties heyday. He was the first U.K. DJ (with Sasha) to hold a club residency in the U.S. He's consistently voted one of the top 10 international DJs in prestigious club culture publications such as DJ Magazine and Muzik. He's a talent whose appearances in locales such as Australia, Africa, and Asia are met with the same fervor and excitement they receive in Europe and America. And this DJ superstar continues to stay on the rise.

Muzik said Digweed "Has the ability to make music sound like a wave breaking into perfect shape." Even Sasha refers to him as, "the best DJ on the planet." But amidst the avalanche of acclaim John Digweed has received in his time, he remains the same driven down to Earth lad from Hastings who saved up to buy his first pair of decks at age 13.

John comments, "I've always had my feet on the ground. I think with the schooling I've had, coming up and working so hard to get where I am, I'll never forget my roots. Everywhere I go now, I'm just buzzing to be there. The fact that I've got a strong fanbase all over the world keeps me level headed because I've got to give back to the crowd. I DJ for the passion and the love of it. If the people are having a good time, then I'm having a good time. To me it's all about creating the perfect mix, creating the perfect mood, creating the definitive set. It's all about perfection."

It's the same thirst for perfection he takes to his Bedrock club event, which celebrated one year of holding court at London's famed club Heaven in October 1999. It, like Digweed himself, has stood time's grueling test, graduating from its role as a humble hangout for punters looking for an excuse to party on a weekday night to become a globally-revered, outrageously respected club event whose rotation of world-class DJ talents and back-to-basics mentality prompted Muzik to list it in the top 10 of its "21 Clubs For The 21st Century." Of Bedrock's 1998 premier at Heaven, Time Out magazine said, "There haven't been too many things to salivate over in London clubland recently, but the prospect of (Bedrock), the new John Digweed monthly residency at Heaven, has left the cognoscente positively drooling." One year later, the sentiment remains true, as Bedrock has seen the talents of Sasha, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, Basement Jaxx, Grooverider, Adam Freeland, Hybrid, The Light, Slacker, and countless other walk through its doors and bring the most enthralling dance sounds to appreciative crowds every other Thursday evening for a measly 5 pounds a head.

It's the same strive towards excellence he brings to his work as a musician. His tracks, recorded with partner Nick Muir under‚ you guessed it‚ the moniker Bedrock, are bona fide classics, meshing the deep, luxurious hues of house with the atmospheric rush of trance in Digweed's characteristic style. 1993's "For What You Dream Of," the quintessential Bedrock tune, found its way from the Renaissance dancefloor into the film adaptation of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting in 1996. "Heaven Scent," the latest opus, has been embraced by every important DJ with a clue. And his most recent reconfigurations of cuts by Satoshi Tomiie featuring Kelly Ali from Sneaker Pimps, Danny Tenaglia, and DJs Heller and Farley, plus others have made him one of the most respected and in-demand remixers

(taken from Maximumrotation.com)
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