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Disk Jockeys - Jacob Asher
Jacob Asher
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Labels:DNA / Lipstick Music
Styles Of Music:Electronica (1 total)
Description:Jacob Asher has been a djing in and around Montreal since
the early nineties. Owner and operator of DNA Records
since 2001, he has attempted to put his stamp on the musical
direction of the city. As a dj, he is interested in that fine line
between genres, melding house, electro, acid, bootlegs and
whatever else strikes his interest into his musical vision.
The same is evident in his production work as half of The
Marlon Jacksons.
His interest is, and has always been in music that can be
enjoyed in the car, on the dancefloor, or walking around the
city through your headphones.
It is with that vision that he hopes to help make Lipstick
music as well as his store, and djing sets something for
Event Photos
NCV + Mix Thursday present Frankie Bones
10 photos
30 attending
Beat Me Up: Jacob Asher + Mary Hell
6 photos
4 attending
Axionfigga, Dave O'Brien, Dialect, Galaksy, Jacob Asher, Simon B
22 photos
23 attending
Events [ 13 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2006-12-21     16   Christmas Jewbilee
2006-10-28     4    Black Mass
2006-10-19     30   NCV + Mix Thursday present Frankie Bones
2006-10-08     4    Beat Me Up: Jacob Asher + Mary Hell
2006-07-13     14   Rhys Taylor's B-Day Wetdown
2005-12-16     7    Blow up! [Cancelled]
2005-10-07     3    BlowUp
2005-06-11     2    BLOW UP!
2004-08-05     0    Jacob Asher, A Rock
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