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Master of Ceremonys - MC Everybodies Daddy
MC Everybodies Daddy
Location:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Labels:FPS, Hullabaloo!
Contact:» MCED [ROOT]
Description:The cunning linguist mack daddy MC, Everybodies Daddy has been on the case in Toronto since 1999. Widely regarded as one of the best in the business, he has spent years building his style, sound, stage presence, and reputation.

He began to be known at smaller events such as Biohazard and Tantrum around the time of the Toronto city crackdown on raves in 2000, which took a large toll on smaller promoters. In 2002, Everybodies Daddy was back, breaking back in on the mic at small local events, and releasing mixes alongside Toronto scratchmaster DJ Wolf. His name began to grow, and his energy injected stage presence began to develop a following. Wolf & Everybodies Daddy's second project titled 'Come Get Some' came out in early 2003, and coincided with Everybodies Daddy's first appearance at the world reknowned Hullabaloo series of events.

Since that time, he has played for every major happy hardcore promoter in Toronto, as well as appearing stateside alongside the biggest names in the business from the UK, USA and Canada. He had developed a strong following, and was reviewed in the UK scene mag 'Raving Eye' as "North America's top freestyle [hardcore] MC." More recently, he has been brought on as a resident at the biggest hardcore events in North America, the Ravers Only Candyball series. His style runs from quick freestyles, to slick, meaningful rhymes, with a stage presence that's matched only by his love of music. It's not uncommon to see him down in the crowd, rhyming face to face, and hyping the ravers one at a time.

A performer in the purest sense of the word, Daddy takes the party to the next level, bringing the DJ and the crowd that much closer together. Most recently, Daddy has been in the studio, collaborating with the Ottawa producer DJ Dain-ja, providing his trademark vocals for some hot new UK Hardcore business. Keep your eyes peeled for his name on a record label near you soon!

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Event Photos
Rise Of The King
177 photos
5 attending
The missing Peace
1 photos
2 attending
Hullabaloo: Funtopia 7
31 photos
10 attending
Its A Gouda Cheeza
25 photos
7 attending
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2005-03-12     2    The missing Peace
2004-12-11     4    Back & Forth
2004-09-18     6    Drift On A Dream
2004-07-03     10   Hullabaloo: Funtopia 7
2004-06-11     3    Energyzer
2003-09-19     7    Its A Gouda Cheeza
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