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Disk Jockeys - Andrei K.
Andrei K.
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Labels:Prism Code / Tribal Prophecy
Styles Of Music:Trance -> Psy Trance
Contact:» AndreiK [ROOT]
Description:Andrei K. (formerly known as Sputnik)
Prism Code / Tribal Prophecy / Destined To Live

Andrei Kalamkarov, born in Moscow, has been DJing since 1996. He enjoys various genres, including minimal, progressive, and psychedelic, usually with a dark undertone.

Music has been a huge element in Andrei's life since young age. He played guitar, drums and piano for a dozen years and most of his family are professional classical musicians. At the age of sixteen he acquired his first turntables and embarked on his DJ calling. He has played at clubs and festivals in Halifax, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Andrei is in the Tribal Prophecy crew, the team behind the Space Gathering summer festival. He is also a DJ for Prism Code, the organizers of many psytrance events and a weekly club night in Montreal.

Being influenced by travel, art and people he meets, Andrei is a sponge for new sounds and creative outlooks. Unpredictable, but always exciting rhythms, melodies and trippy sounds make his sets fresh and captivating. His love for world music and his passion for dance are evident in his track selection.
Event Photos
Pandemonium Festival: The Mystical Experience
618 photos
188 attending
226 photos
88 attending
Continuum 2.012: Psyber-Punk Coallitionz
269 photos
196 attending
Virtual Light's Massive Psy Birthday Jam
242 photos
84 attending
Psykedelik Muzak @ The Mountain
209 photos
40 attending
Les Bûcherons 3 ( En Plein Air )
346 photos
103 attending
Events [ 8 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2011-04-30     88   Andromeda
2010-11-13     196  Continuum 2.012: Psyber-Punk Coallitionz
2010-10-09     84   Virtual Light's Massive Psy Birthday Jam
2010-09-28     20   Prism Code Tuesdays @ Katacombes
2010-08-29     40   Psykedelik Muzak @ The Mountain
2010-08-20     103  Les Bûcherons 3 ( En Plein Air )
2010-07-20     21   Prism Code Tuesdays
Member Comments
» Hexa-5 said @ Fri Jul 16, 2010 @ 1:11am
Boom! This guy has skills.