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Photographers - BITE! Photography
BITE! Photography
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:» SamBObo [ROOT]
Description:Hi there,
My name is Samantha and I'm an aspiring photographer. I don't charge as of yet but I accept tips, hugs, and smiles ^_^

I try my best to make it to every event and take as many photos as possible. my main goal is to capture and immortalize the beauty that lay in wait at these events that not many people get to experience.

My one rule is that I never edit my pictures, and I hardly delete anything. I believe in natural beauty and capturing the moment in it's truest form. So if you find a picture on here or on my site, of yourself, that you do not like or want to be public please feel free to message or email me to request it be taken down. :)

Peace, and don't forget to take a bite out of life!
Event Photos
Aftermath: Quarantine
646 photos
193 attending
Bass Fest
250 photos
76 attending
The Escape
251 photos
101 attending
Prism Code Tuesdays Presents : The Tech Safari Crew
56 photos
26 attending
Prism Code Psytrance Tuesdays - Djane Pollyfonika
37 photos
26 attending
Blood On My Nikes By Dubma$hine
318 photos
69 attending
After Skool Special
361 photos
103 attending
754 photos
150 attending
Events [ 10 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2010-09-10     79   Bamm! Hard Attack!
2010-09-04     193  Aftermath: Quarantine
2010-09-03     76   Bass Fest
2010-08-20     101  The Escape
2010-08-06     34   Massive Beach Party!
2010-07-31     69   Blood On My Nikes By Dubma$hine
2010-07-17     103  After Skool Special
2010-07-03     150  Nexus
Member Comments
» KORHAL said @ Tue Jun 29, 2010 @ 4:58pm
=D hehe <3