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Disk Jockeys - Mickos Mukoze
Mickos Mukoze
Location:Afghanistan, Kabul
Labels:Chill ta moule
Styles Of Music:Hardcore -> Hardtek
Keep the beat match as long as I can, switching from lows to lows, mids and highs, cutting drastically the frequency to have textures, vibes and energy then release the trapped bass and enjoy the phasing effect created by the same equation of the beatmatching technique.

I enjoy mixing any style, but as in the 1+1=3 philosophy, I usually mix styles that are abstract and hypnotic (minimal, house, hardhouse, techno, hardtechno, hardtek). That doesn't mean I dislike mixing other styles like electro, trance, drum-n-bass or psytrance, in fact I enjoy with a big smile while shaking my ass, fingers on the knobs mixing with the same intensity electro-house or fidget house on intro-outro. The beatmatch is not as longer but the fun is the same.

I'm a harsh critic to performers as for myself in the first place. I believe that 40% of the job is based upon your technique, how you beatmatch is worth 60% of that 40%, then how you switch from track to track is very subjective but still, there's a generality about how to do it. Then there's a 30% for your track choice. This is very subjective once again, but a good Dj can read the crowd and navigate the vessel to a destination that pleases the majority of the people on board. The last 10% is about charisma, the performer's skill to ''physically'' share his internal feeling. I mean, some DJ technique are 40/40, track choice 30/30 but they mix quietly, not even tapping the floor with their foot, jaded, almost sad mixing those songs.

I'm a creative mind, a bit of a clown and also an actor. To me, being in front of people to perform any kind of art or technique, call it whatever you want, is a performance, a show, a unique moment where your personality passes through the medium to reach the audience, making them live a part of yourself for a small amount of time.

That's why I'm a drag queen Dj. It's part of my personality. I'm very feminin inside, as most of men but I assume and I enjoy the costume, the attitude, the funny part of it.

I'm Dj/Vj drag queen Mickos, Mukoze or Mo'nique.

Enjoy. :)

ps: chill ta moule
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Member Comments
» JEE3.14_agricole said @ Wed Aug 12, 2009 @ 1:06pm
Monique!? LOL
» Emyko said @ Tue Jun 9, 2009 @ 2:57pm
Mickos yé tellement hot qu'il a un fan club... Moi jveux tellement avoir son autographe!!!!!!!
» sex.is.boring said @ Tue Jun 9, 2009 @ 2:53pm
mickos c'est le meilleur go go go can't wait to hear ya play again
» Zimmermau5 said @ Fri Jun 5, 2009 @ 3:09pm
Mikos Mikos Rah Rah Rah!!!! Dude EPIC set at Epic Coalition!!!! :D Can't wait for the next party I come up for that you play! :D