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Title:Can’t run , THE EYEZ.
Posted On:2006-04-23 00:00:00
Posted By:» KryzStof_Wisher
Can’t run , THE EYEZ


Can just ignore? The colors of the sun. my eyes have, taken over me. Its showing me wht ever, I eva wanted to see. M crying. It’s not me shouting. Get it right. The sun turns blue, sea, see wht u wanted to see the ray of light will make all of us blind and I will still be looking for the colors of the sun. I, look ma eyes trying to find, which woz already found
Ignorance. The sun will go down or ma eyez. BLIND. I see the sun. The colors of the sun bring me down. M’ crying I m going down , WILL BECOME PHENOIX
Ma journey frm n to the sun. m penning down. birth of destruction of ma eyez
BLIND .did ya realize, I ‘woz’ blind or I m trying to see my own destruction. Eyez
Are against my mind. But ma mind is trying. To see wht woz already found. Can’t u see
M blind. Ma eyez shouting M’ BLIND
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